Israel Announces War Campaign Via Twitter

We've seen NATO bicker with the Taliban, and even had Libyan rebels call in airstrikes in under 140 characters, but this has to be a first: Israel has announced its latest military offensive with a single tweet.

After blowing up a car carrying Hamas bigwig Ahmed Al-Jabari, Israel told the world the attack is part of a larger campaign -- "Operation Pillar of defence." The IDF Twitter account then explained to its 66,000 followers the how and why of the campaign, citing and claiming "All options are on the table. If necessary, the IDF is ready to initiate a ground operation in Gaza." In other words, Israel is prepared to start a little war here, and is spreading the word online.

Maybe this seems glib -- maybe it's inappropriate to kick off a thing that will end up with people dying over Twitter, your premiere destination for annoying tech blogger opining and tweens complaining about how much they hate dad. Maybe.

So far the tweet has 225 retweets, and 15 likes, which I suppose already makes it an unpopular war. [IDF Twitter via FastCo]

Update: Israel is now just straight-up livetweeting its war.



    WTF Israel? Terror to counter terror? Yeah... That'll work...

      Anyone with a healthy degree of cynicism knows terrorists are straw men to get War Stuff justified and done.

      Blowing up a car with a terrorist in it is an act of terror? Really? Since when?

      No, no. It's only terrorism when the other side does it!

    Without wanting to start a debate over the whole conflict - I think this is a great thing. You should see their facebook account though, if you think these tweets are a big deal. Here's an image they posted:

    There will never be peace in the middle east while Israel occupies its current land unfortunately. The arabs wont give up and neither will the israelis.

    Great! Not only do they assassinate suspected terrorists without any form of trial or due process, they get 10,000 likes for doing it. The extinction of the human race just can't come soon enough.

    I say we give everyone 12 months to evacuate and then nuke and permanently irradiate the entire region from Rafah to Damascus. Basically, if it's south of Beirut, north of Be'er Sheva, and west of Amman, it's off-limits to anyone not wearing something with an SPF of 10000000+.

      Yes because mass genocide really works. Worked really well for Hitler didn't it.

        To be fair, it only didn't work well for Hitler because other countries intervened. I don't really see the point you were trying to make.

          That killing a race because they are different to you is bad? Hows that for a point for you?

            lol cool bro, you just didn't make a legitimate point.

              killing an entire race of people being bad is not a legitimate point as to why it shouldn't be done?

                That wasn't the thing that was being talked about though, you said it didn't work out well for Hitler, but that was only because of the war. What sparhawk0 was talking about was totally different.

                  Ok now, try to keep up. Why did the war against Hitler start? Because he invaded Poland to kill Jews. He also invaded France. Now apply the same logic. US turns the whole middle east into a glowing glazed parking lot. Most of the countries in that area are big customers of Russia and China. What do Russia and China have? Big stockpiles of nuclear weapons. The US has just used
                  nuclear weapons to kill their customers. What do you think they might do in response?

                  I didn't think I would have to walk you through that. Fairly simple logical progression.

        Sorry - which race am I wiping out (other than by attrition)?

        I only ask because my suggestion was to move everyone out of Palestine, Israel, parts of Lebanon and parts of Jordan, and then nuke the entire area so that a region that's been the site of dispute, bloodshed, death, misery and genocide since the time of the Canaananites is no longer available to the Jews, Muslims, or Christians who've been exterminating each other over it for 4000+ years.

        It's a simple extension of parenting wisdom - if you can't share it, no one gets to have it.

          Christians didn't exist until 2000 years ago and the museums faith is younger still. It was the Egyptians and Romans you are thinking of.

    That's the spirit. Trivialisation of illegal occupation and human rights violations by the same people who left lands where they were treated likewise. So, so hypocritical.

    If we can't get our own backyard in order how do we expect to stop the conflict in the middle east.

    Put an end to the Apple vs Google vs Samsung lawsuits and gadget wars. The only ones that lose are the users.

      How do you equate a tech battle based on patents, with a military execution?

        Apart from people being killed, how are they different. It is still an act of violence.

          How is it an act of violence? don't trivialise violence.

    I have no time for the Muslim fundamentalist hate war on anything that does not support the Quran but Israel has it's own fundamentalist fanatics and I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't active in the hierarchy there too. This idea of just killing people from a distance has to stop! The US needs to curtail Israel's behaviour. After all, they are the main supporters of this kind of execution.

      Christians have their own fundamentalists running around blowing everything up. Remember the IRA?

        The IRA generally conducts its efforts in the United Kingdom/Ireland area and they are no where near as active a before. Also The IRA are, for the most part, fighting the Britts. They are not so much a religious organization as they are terrorists, although they are supposedly mainly protestant.

          From memory, the IRA was a catholic organisation. The rift between protestants and catholics in Ireland goes all the way back to the protestant reformation of the 1500s. Most of mainland Britain converted to the Protestant faith, and demanded that their monarch did the same. Ireland remained staunchly Catholic for the most part. As the Irish independance movement grew, the way to identify which side a person was on was often based on their faith. Catholics supported independance and protestants supported the crown.

    I agree the fighting will never end, but Israel's main concern should be Iran not Gaza. Why drop bombs on a tiny populated area when you have approximately 50 million people north of you calling for your destruction. Possibly with nukes. O_o.

      Iran has not threatened Israel. The worst thing that was said is that their President considers Zionism a "blip" in history. Its Israel that has been planning to invade Iran (as it did Lebanon a few years earlier) and not the other way around.

        Iran has not threatened Israel.

        URGH......Iranian President 'Have-a-pajama-party' said he wanted to wipe Israel off the map...
        Sure he controls weapons and an army, so clearly that is nothing to worry about

          i thought his name was "i'm a dinner jar"...

            I'm a dinner jacket....I'm a pajama party...crazy, either way, crazy

          No you're patently wrong - when he said that Zionism was a "blip" in history he was intentionally mistranslated by the Israeli media to whip up liberal western nations.

          Every nation has weapons and armies, so what's your point?

            yet the Iranian government erected signs all over the place stating that Israel should be wiped from the face of the world. and soldier marching with signs reading Death to Israel. Also it's true that the exact translation of Imadinajaket is "wiped from the pages of history" but the meaning of the words is "wiped from the face of the world"

            The meanings of words differ greatly from country to country. As an example in an island nation in the pacific, saying something innocuous as get lost said in the native language actually means something along the lines of you should be drowned at sea or something. Its been a long time since I was there.

            And he is still calling for Israel to be destroyed. just a few months ago, in July, he said

            "any freedom lover and justice seeker in the world must do its best for the annihilation of the Zionist regime in order to pave the path for the establishment of justice and freedom in the world,"

            Then again in August

            “the nations of the region will soon finish off the usurper Zionists in the Palestinian land"

            Still think that Iran has not and is not threatening to Israel?

    Perhaps trial would have been more civilised... but I Israel is certainly not the only country that acts like this...

    This man obviously brought this upon himself - he's a terrorist and a murderer.

    aaah yes, I knew it was one or the other, still no comparison to Muslims though! :)

    I'm not taking 'sides' here. Just thought I'd mention the dozens if not hundreds of rockets and mortars that Hamas have been launching into Israel.

      I'm not taking sides either. Just thought I'D mention how Israel has illegally taken over Palestinian land and continues to do so.

        I'm not taking sides either. Just thought I'd mention that Israel took that land from the Syrians in 1967. Syria invaded deep into Israel before the IDF handed their asses to them. Israel, quite rightly, decided that it needed a deeper buffer zone against the Syrians and decided to keep the land. I agree that they should not have started building on the land, but maintaining control of it is just smart.

        So in effect the Syrians invaded Palestine and took the land, the Israelis liberated it and decided that they should remain for the safety of the Palestinians and Israelis alike.

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