Is Your Windows Phone 8 Handset Randomly Rebooting?

The earliest of early adopters have now been using Windows Phone 8 for almost three weeks — and it seems that there may be a few teething problems. In particular, some users are reporting infuriating random reboots and some battery life issues.

The Verge has stumbled across a stack of forum posts over at WPCentral about the HTC 8X randomly rebooting while in use. The same problem is also being discussed over on Microsoft's own support forums. Elsewhere, owners of Nokia's Lumia 920 are complaining about the same issue, as well as griping about poor battery life.

Of course, all of these reports are anecdotal, and it's not clear how widespread the issues are, so we're handing over to you. Are you having problems with you shiny new Windows phone? [Verge]


    I think you would need to ask the aus site again next week for any answers :p

    The only people with them here are bloggers and a couple who have received their orders from clove.

      Maybe next year if Telstra's poor stock is anything to go by.

        Windows Phone 8 Handsets have been sold out everywhere!! - especially the 920

          I really want to know how many were made. If their production was the same for say the 900 which sat on shelves. I am still hoping I can get a 920 quick smart. my Mozart and its 3hr battery is on its last legs. I should have bought a $300 Lumia 900 a month ago I would have made that back in lost business from holding out on my old phone for too long.

      I have also read a couple of reports about a wi-fi issue.

    It's not just Windows Phone 8, my HTC Mozart 7 has been doing the same. It just reboots once every 7-8 hours

    Although not my primary phone I find it a bit annoying.

      Mine did that ages back way before the NoDo update. Hasn't really been an issue since.

    Samsung have a similar issue at the moment across all their android phones on ICS.

    My Lumia 900 does it all the time...can leave it on the coffee table whilst playing xbox and then all of a sudden, reboot.

    Was looking to buy a 920 outright...bit worrying to see some reports of the same thing happening on the newer phones :(

    Don't tell me that, I'd almost made up my mind on getting a 920. Now you're introducing doubt again.

    I'm going to pray this is a small percentage of the userbase experiencing this.

    I'm literally days away from getting a Lumia 920.

    I think my Lumia 800 may have switched itself off once but that could just as easily have been me accidentally triggering it whilst fumbling on my pocket for keys. I can't recall it ever restarting itself and these reports wouldn't stop me from buying an HTC 8X.

      The Lumia 800 would be hard to do that with where its power is. My HTCrap Mozart would turn off in my pocket until Microsoft added the pull down to shutdown image that prevents such things.

        That has been a feature of Metro interfaces since ZuneHD, in 2009. It should always have been part of your Mozart. In any event, it has happened to me exactly once, so it is irrelevant.

    I can't help but wonder if Nokia has supplied the handsets in the same way Apple always do. Short supply= more demand. By the sounds of it, they're on constraint everywhere, which means one of two things; Nokia didn't expect to sell so many, or they are using the supply where if consumers can't get what they want, they strive even harder to get it. Exhibit A.

    In all honesty... with historical data such as millions of people using an iPhone that lost signal when you had it on your hand... a random reboot seems to be at the don't give a shit end of the scale... when you think about it was well, it's best practice to reboot your smartphone every couple of days anyway - it might just be a helping hand from Nokia - however... NOTHING will stop me from getting a 920.

    I have had a Telstra supplied Nokia Lumia 920 for a week. It is constantly rebooting. It doesn't seem to matter if the phone is in use or idle. It is worst when the phone is on the move, especially in the car. I haven't had time to contact the supplier as yet.

    Does anyone have a fix???

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