iOS 6.1 Beta's Biggest Change Looks Like Bug Reports For Apple Maps

The very minor iOS 6.0.1 update came out today, and Apple already has the beta for the hopefully more substantial 6.1 ready to go. We’re combing through the update for new stuff, but for now, the funniest thing that stands out, as pointed out by 9to5mac, is this big, giant button for reporting problems in Apple Maps.

We knew Apple was going to add a function for reporting problems, and it’s a much needed information gathering feature. But it’s still pretty funny that it’s by far the biggest and most prominent button in the functions panel. It’s almost like Scott Forstall flipping everyone the bird on his way out:


    The option was already there in iOS 6.0, they just made it more prominent. Still it's a good idea, if more people use it the data can only improve... right?

      Only if Apple takes feedback and actions it correctly... All the data in the world can be useless if its not analysed and processed correctly...

    Erm, you can already report a problem with the maps application?

    You can report a problem already. The button is just bigger now. Been there since iOS 6's release

    Battery Drain fix, iPhone 5 battery issue is starting to bug me.

      It might be the handset. Mine gets pretty similar life to a 4 - not outstanding, but not noticeably poor. Ask for a fix and see what they say.

      I see great battery life if I'm home all day, but less than satisfactory battery life if I'm out and about.

    Unfortunately, the only bug Apple didn't fix, was maps itself.

    Nothing to see here guys.. Just some 2 month old news.

    The reason it's now a big button is because of the amount of idiots who can't already clearly see the "Report a Problem" button that's already there.
    You fix a worldwide maps problem by getting input from users around the world, but when sites are too busy saying how shitty the maps are instead of saying how you can help to fix them, they have no choice but to change it to a giant button that people might pay attention to.

      And if everyone's moved onto third party mapping? I don't get this schizophrenia on the issue.

        Then yay for them? It doesn't stop the point that the Report button has always been there but has gotten next to no coverage. All the interest on how bad the maps are and none on how to help fix them until "LOLZ big button is comical".

          +1 to you good sir. I've said it more than once and I'll say it again: Apple has unleashed a young product into the wild, and they're relying on user data to mature said product. Instead of people whinging about Apple maps, REPORT THE PROBLEMS YOU HAVE WITH IT. Google do it too.

          As an aside, everybody (literally everybody they allow, Apple workers or not) who Apple certifies to provide support for iOS6 has been trained in reporting issues within the maps application. No big secret there that Apple are actively encouraging their own staff as well as staff in other companies who support the product to have customers report issues using a method that has been in place since the day iOS6 launched.

    I tried to report an incorrect location in a rare moment of benevolence towards Apple on someone else's iPad. It wouldn't allow me to move the pin to the correct location. Nice work, Forstall.

      Same here for one of mine. Plus I've been reporting problems since the maps changed, none of them have been fixed.

    Hopefully this will cure the less than perfect wi-fi signal i've been getting.

    From the update page.

    This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:
    Fixes a bug that prevents iPhone 5 from installing software updates wirelessly over the air
    Fixes a bug where horizontal lines may be displayed across the keyboard
    Fixes an issue that could cause camera flash to not go off
    Improves reliability of iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) when connected to encrypted WPA2 Wi-Fi networks
    Resolves an issue that prevents iPhone from using the mobile network in some instances
    Consolidated the Use Mobile Data switch for iTunes Match
    Fixes a Passcode Lock bug that sometimes allowed access to Passbook pass details from lock screen
    Fixes a bug affecting Exchange meetings

    For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

    Err @that guy that's for 6.0.1 not 6.1 beta as the article discusses

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