Introducing The Sexy, New Gizmodo Mobile Site And More!

You might notice a few things different as your read Gizmodo on the bus/train/rickshaw/segway home this afternoon. We've been working hard behind the scenes to polish up our mobile site, and now we're ready to take the covers off. Behold: our sexy new mobile site (and some other stuff too)!

Sexy Mobile Site

Our dev/designer duo, Ben and Rob, have been working super hard to put this one together for you.

The mobile site now includes all the other awesome stuff we've been working on over the last few months, including comment voting, membership log-in and sign-up as well as all the new graphical updates we've been blessed with.

Make sure you log-in to the mobile site so that your flair shows up when you're out and about.

From there, you can upvote, downvote, report and edit your comments.

Don't have an account? That's cool, you can sign up via mobile now, too.

New Comment Formatting Options

Our comments section has been given some pretty amazing improvements in the last few months. Now you've got a brand new way to post comments, too.

Options in the new WYSIWYG comment box include bold, italic, underline, quotes, @replies and even a spoiler code! I have left comments down the bottom to show you all what they look like.

The most important of these new additions is @replies. If you've ever used Twitter, you'd know what an @reply is. Basically, the little name next to your display name is the @name you chose for yourself when you signed up. When someone mentions your @name, it triggers a notification in your profile so you don't have to scroll back through every thread you've ever commented in to see if someone's talking about that hilarious witticism you just left.

There have also been some changes to the way that comments are structured so our epic threads now look better.

On the back-end, I've also got a new way to look at the comments in moderation so I can get them approved faster! No more "ERMAHGERD WHERE'S MAH COMMENT?!". You don't see that stuff though, those are my presents.

Of course, none of this is accessible unless you're signed in...

Today’s update is part of our continued membership-based commenting system. So no surprises that you’ll need to be logged in to vote.

Not a member? You can register here.

Membership has benefits, including on-site and email comment notifications, bookmarks, newsletters, exclusive competitions and more.

And as always, a big thanks to our tech team (Allure Media's own @benwhite and @robhussey) for all their hard work. Like elves in the night…

What do you think?




      Mobile site doesnt work on Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7.5 :( Nokia Lumia 800

        The mobile web is currently a bit like the desktop web circa 1997-2004 -- all the websites are tested against the dominant platform and nothing else. It's a WebKit mobile world.

        Works fine on my HTC HD7 with WP7.5.

          I'm jealous. I hate turning my phone on the side and zooming in to read an article.

        OMG Thats rich lol
        You can't have 'work' and 'internet explorer' in the same sentence without a 'not' somewhere. You should try a third party browser like chrome. Oh, wait... nvm...

    Underline all the things!

      In website, underline is something that should only be used for links. Putting an underline on just normal text is annoying.

        Underlined links are so 90s web design standards.

    About bloody time there was a proper mobile site :P

    Will have to check it out this arvo.

    The buttons only show up as squares instead of B or U and when pressing these buttons insert code

      I did have some issues depending in the mobike browser you use. Stock browser was giving me FuZzZies but CHROME seems to be best so far...only a lil' laggy

    I am really excited about these additions. It is going to make it much easier to talk about movies

    For example: did you know that Darth Vader is Luke's father!

    Now all we need is embedded animated gifs and Gizmodo will be perfect. ;)

    Last edited 15/11/12 2:36 pm

    Never really been a fan of mobile version sites of anything but I really like the comment enhancements.

    This is much better than engadget however the comment format enhancements don't appear to be working for me in Chrome or IE8 at work and I'm getting an "Error on page" with:

    Message: Object doesn't support this property or method

    Perhaps it's related to my browser at work, will have a look later tonight.

    Last edited 15/11/12 2:39 pm

    The new little buttons are all funny
    they have numbers and letters on them instead
    Bold has F032 in a small square
    Italic has F033
    Underline has F0CD
    All different not showing
    Firefox 16.0.1 - WinXP (work comp. sorry)
    otherwise hovering over tells you what it is which allowed me to use that quote function previously

      same issue here, Firefox as well.

        Clear your cache (worked for me)

        For some reason I replied to this down the bottom.... woops

          Ben just replied over on Kotaku saying he has fixed the issue. I thought it was me just putting adblock back in place, but I was mistaken haha.

            Ahh, no wonder it worked for me. Took ages to clear that cache on this laptop, probably got fixed during.

            ivy bridge i7, 32 gig ram, HD screen... slow as batsh*t HDD.

    Looks nice. I don't suppose the new site changes the random moderation policy?

      Ben got back to me on that, apparently it was the word filter and he was fixing that as it came about with posts.

        Thank cripes, it was driving me potty.

        But one still wonders why so many of my held posts never showed up at all, even after hours...

          Yeah I have had full posts just vanish. I was informed at one point by Ben my email was on the blacklist for whatever reason (he had no idea) it was driving me insane being moderated on every single post on Gizmodo lol.

    Edit, permalink and hide buttons aren't working though, not for me anyway.

    Hmm, reply is kinda screwy too..

      Clear you cache (I just did, 1g, took a while)

      But now I get big bold and italic GLORY

      aka just html tags. That annoyingly don't reset focus to the text. Sad panda #firstworldproblems

      Edit: This was meant for the firefox peoples

      Last edited 15/11/12 3:05 pm

    Can the sticky articles please be removed from the main page. Between the ticker bar at the top (which should be the stickys) and the first 2-3 posts being polls or competitions, I have to scroll halfway down the page before I can start seeing new articles.


    I love it. I love the whole visual overhaul, new font and colour scheme etc. Good job.

    edit: all works amazing in chrome on HTC One X

    Last edited 15/11/12 4:25 pm

    Love it!

    Would be nice if zooming wasn't disabled, though, then I wouldn't have to use my browser "override stupid sites that don't permit zooming" feature.

    Working nicely on my Nexus 7. Much better than the old mobile site and it loads/runs better than the full website.

    And images aren't stupidly low-res pixelated anymore either, so that helps!

    Looking good on my HTC Velocity. I noticed the other day that we couldn't register on the mobile site, great to see we can now, thanks!

    Last edited 15/11/12 10:45 pm

    I miss the links to the other Allure sites that used to live down the bottom of each page. Now there's no way for me to jump between Lifehacker and Gizmodo on the mobile site.

    Any chance they could be added to the top-right category button, or just replaced in their old location at the footer of each page?

    Additionally, CLICKING ON THE SITE LOGO DOESN'T TAKE ME TO THE HOME PAGE ANY MORE. Single most frustrating. Thing. Ever.

    Trying to push the limits...

    Last edited 16/11/12 1:39 am

    Just tried it for the first time. Definitely not a fan. Firstly the bar that follows scrolling slows things down and takes up valuable screen real estate. And the 'next page' loading is not as quick as the 'more' option we had before.

    And the biggest one is losing the links to lifehacker and kotaku. I know it's a small thing, but it's more or less made it unusable for me now. Much preferred the old version.

    Hardcore sucks that you've used tracking cookies to submit comments.

    That's stooping to a new level of pathetic.

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