How To Annoy Generation Y


    If I wasn't job hunting I'd disable my voicemail. Sick of paying to receive someone hanging up on it, or leaving cruddy vague voicemails that don't tell you anything.

      I have never activated voice mail, since the bad old days when you had to pay for deposit and retrieval and it could easily double your bill. If I miss a call, I just call back but the main reason I carry my phone with me is so I don't miss calls, so it is a rare occurrence anyway.

        Exactly, 50% of the point of a mobile is that you can make calls, the other 50% is that you can receive calls. I always disable it.

    How do you do that, I've been thinking about disabling mine, with missed caller ID there really is no need to be paying to retrieve voicemail.

      Easy way is to call #002# from your phone. That will disable the voicemail diversions.

      Another way is to call your provider to cancel it for you. I did this because stuff still went to voicemail when my phone was off. I call back if I miss a call, and if it's a private number, I figure if it's important, they'll call back.

        there are other features that are enabled on some networks apart from the diversions:

        For optus here is a list of things to disable all their crap without waiting on hold to them:

        1) Dial ##002# -> Turn off diversions. It works, but only partially.
        2) Dial ##21# -> Turn off call redirect. Don't ask me what the difference to the above was.
        Now, this is supposed to turn off ALL redirects (below), but Optus STILL didn't want to give up it's useless services! I had to disable them seperately.

        So you will need to:
        3) Dial ##67# -> Disable Busy redirect. People will NOT GET CHARGED if you're on the phone, and simply get a 'number busy' error.
        4) Dial ##61# -> The phone will RING OUT and the caller will NOT GET CHARGED for useless voicemail, which whilst still apparently 'disabled' from above.. Isn't!
        5) Dial ##62# -> The caller will simply get a 'phone not available' message, when Out of Coverage area or switched off. No charge-incurring voicemail.

    The phone call bit doesn't annoy me but the voicemail does. Voicemail is the worst.

    Telstra's voice to text messages ftw. Doesn't cost anything and I don't have to ring up. Downside is getting annoying missed call text messages with no left messages, and the worst is "you missed a call from a private number, who did not leave a message". Thanks, that was so useful :P

    Otherwise visual voicemail is useful, I miss it from Vodafone. Costs extra on Telstra :/

      Yes I miss the ease of vodafone's mail system but like many when the V went to SH*( I took a Telstra bundle now can't stand having to pay to receive what should be free !!!! :(

      Love leaving messages on the Telstra Voice to Text service; I always say something like "Mumble fish urgent if mumble mumble your own mumble black mumble going insane mumble. Don't call because mumble mumble attached to my mumble soon.."

      Telstra's text to voice service is also good. SMS someones landline and Telstra will keep ringing them and reading out your transcript until they listen to the whole thing.

      Yeah I really miss Visual Voicemail from my iPhone 3GS on Vodafone (free!). Now I'm with Telstra on an SGSII and don't have it (& am certainly not going to pay extra for it!).

      Telstra's voicemail service is so incredibly horrible to use. So slow, and they purposely tell you every option at the end of each message EXCEPT the button to press to go to the NEXT message (it's 6 btw) to keep you on the line longer listening to all the options before actually playing the next message. Total ripoff.

      And I agree - the "you missed a call from a private number, who did not leave a message" texts are definitely not helpful.

        You know that the cost is per message not per minute when retrieving messages right? so how ever long it takes you to listen to your messages doesn't matter.

      Yes because 10 seconds is more than enough time to leave details and the robot that does the V2T never gets things wrong does it.

        Is there a ten second limit? I swear I've had a fairly long V2T message before. I know it's not perfect but it's done ok at transcribing phone numbers before, and it's alright when it comes to simple "Hey it's John, call me back" messages.

          I have to call custoemrs on a daily basis. I have never come across anything other than a 10 sec message. As for accuracy, I speak very well and am always having customers call back saying parts of the message was garbled or numbers in a phone number to call back in on totaly messed up. such as instead of having 02 as the area code, Actualy saying zero two not oh two, the customer sees 72 instead.

    I don't mind voicemails.

    But the time involved to call up the service, listen to the boring preamble only to hear them ask you to call you back is super annoying.

    You guys are actually serious about voice to text? I was going to say it's the worst thing ever. Before I disabled it, I had so many messages on my phone that made no sense at all.

    That's exactly why I started leaving jumbled messages for people that had it as well. Purple Monkey Dishwasher rang.

    am I gen y ? I was born in 1991 but dont have a phone or facebook, I use the landline phone, and send letters

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