How Many Balloons Would You Actually Need To Lift A House?

Last night, we reported about Jonathan Trappe, a man who's hoping to fly a tiny balloon-tethered house across the Atlantic Ocean. But his Up-inspired planning would probably have been a lot easier had he access to this online calculator that lets you know exactly how many helium filled balloons you'd need to hoist your home.

The calculator also gives you the opportunity to guess how many will be needed for a given structure. But you're probably going to be way off. An average 185sqm home would actually need over 51 million balloons to get off the ground. The White House? That number balloons to almost three billion. And if you were daring enough to fly away with the Empire State Building, you're looking at over 68.7 billion ballons to get airborne. Hopefully your local florist will run a tab for you. [Movoto]

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