How Alcohol Turns Your Aunt Into The Life Of The Party

Have you ever really stopped and wondered -- like on a scientific level -- why excessive alcohol consumption can turn someone into the life of a party? Or a blubbering mess?

ASAP Science breaks down the biology of how alcohol affects the neurotransmitters in the brain, resulting in slowed reactions but greater clarity. It won't make dinner with your relatives any less awkward, but at least you'll have something intelligent to talk about. [YouTube]


    love that summary - 'thinking very clearly about almost nothing'

      Make an excellent catchphrase for an Apple product.

    A bit of a misleading summary though. Being drunk has rarely involved thinking clearly about anything for me.

    The Onion could make one of these drawing videos about Nazi death camps and make it seem like a perfectly good idea.

    Death camps, one of the most commonly used and abused forms of outdoor recreation in the world and does one thing quickly and changes the way you feel. Being dead reduces the Gaba transmissions inside your brain making you feel less depressed and inhibited..

    Possibly as a treatment for depression ?

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