Here's The Mother Lode Of Windows 8 Nerdery

Sure, you watched the Microsoft Build conference keynote last week. Why not? It had a comprehensive Windows 8 overview, Ballmer being Ballmer, some jaunty pre-show music. You know, typical keynote stuff. But if that didn’t satisfy your Windows 8 itch, well, here’s your chance to scratch it raw.

Microsoft has posted full videos of session after session of Windows 8 nerdtime fun. We’re talking an hour of Workflow & Workflow Manager 1.0, a deep dive into bringing existing C++ code to Windows Store apps. And that’s just day one of the four-day, dev-heavy dalliance. There are 16 pages in all, which means you should be able to ride out the weekend—and well into next week — with more Windows 8 knowledge than you ever knew existed.

[Microsoft via Engadget]

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