Here's How Long You've Got Before The Surface RT Is Obsolete

Usually it's safe to declare something obsolete when the company who made it stops supporting it in favour of something newer and shinier. Congratulations, Surface users. Here's how long your tablets will last...

Microsoft just commited to supporting the Surface and Windows RT for at least four years!

Long live the firmware updates! [ZDNet]


    Worst article ever.

      Indeed... why bother even posting this.. check the ZDNet link.. massive article.. time, effort, thought put into it.. this one.. just a copy and paste job.

        I can copy-paste too:

        "That support schedule, while a trifle skimpy by Redmond's normal standards, is downright generous compared to tablet rivals. Apple's original iPad, released in early 2010, no longer qualifies for iOS updates, security or otherwise, and it's barely 2-1/2 years old."


    That's a lot longer than Apple at least with its iPads >_

      Which in turn is a lot longer than Android. Support stops there on day of release for most handsets.

        Microsoft are a bit different tho to iOS and Android. It takes Microsoft AGES to crank out new products. Whereas Google and Apple churn out new hardware every 6 months...

    what does 'supporting' entail? what microsoft say, and what microsoft do, are two different things.

      Exactly. Apparently WP7 is still supported, but the effort going into it is definitely lackluster now that WP8 is here.

    bit bias.... i bet there was never an article "Apples first ipad will be obsolete in 2 years"

    How often does the average consumer not update more often than 4 years. I've not had a laptop, phone or tablet longer than 2-3...

    this made me mad

    Great article, just brought a Surface and this was actually a concern of mine.

    Makes me happy to ditch my mac in favor of windows

      You claim to have diched a Mac for Windows? I say garbage! I do not believe you.

    Haha four years of continual disappointment... NICE!

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