Here's A Trailer For The Upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special, 'The Snowmen'

If you're keen for a Saturday fix of Doctor Who, well, it's a good thing you're here. This near minute-and-a-half trailer provides a sneak peek at the upcoming Christmas special, entitled "The Snowmen", which will feature The Doctor's new companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman and Richard E Grant, playing the special's villain.

Interestingly, both actors have previously added their own touch to the long-running sci-fi series, with Grant playing the titular role in the Flash animated "Scream of the Shalka", while Coleman made an appearance in the seventh season episode "Asylum of the Daleks".

I'll be honest -- I haven't watched an episode of Doctor Who in many, many, many years. Is now a good time to get back into it and where would be the best place to start?

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Video: BBC

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    Very good time, start with david tennant though

      No way - start with Eccleston.

      It's kind of like a refresher course on the Doctor Who universe.

      Plus it gives you the beginning of Rose, and the Daleks, and Satellite 5, etc.

        Indeed. You get to start with the 'damaged doctor', the one who basically has PTSD. Then you get on to the 'fun doctor'. Im yet to decide on this guy..

      No, don't - it's only an extra 10 episodes to watch from the very beginning of the new era; start with the Christopher Eccelstone episodes.

      It's inevitable that you'll have a massive man-crush on David Tennant after watching his episodes though.

      Seriously, at this point if you're coming in cold you should just use Matt Smith's intro episode (s5e1) as a tester. It's a much better intro to the core concepts than 'Rose', and if you like it you can go back to Eccelston.

    I have become uncontrollably infatuated with Jenna-Louise Coleman ever since her surprise appearance in "Asylum of the Daleks"

    Logan, it's hard to say. Many many many years = ?

    And did you like what you saw then, or not?

    And was it new at the time, or not?

    For me, I gave up on the new version of the show a few years ago. I got as far as the first batch of the 11th Doctor and couldn't stand another minute.

    Near as I can tell, the BBC are very happy that the new formula keeps them in cash. That this appears to me to be a sexed up, flippant, self-mocking soap opera full of children seems neither here nor there.

    It seems incredible to me that the show now is made by people who actually liked it, but TISM's Play Mistral For Me may apply.

    The very people who actually were rather pleased that Doctor Who wasn't festooned with the sort of romantic shenanigans that American shows like Trek were so keen on, became those who decreed this was now mandatory.

    There's no real danger or jeopardy now, nor serious violence. It's all about sensationalism and flogging toys. Instead of grit, we get flaccidity. Even the missteps of the 1980s now seem to be the playbook of the new era.

    The conservative 1960s saw the original Doctor as a very different, dangerous character. Happy to smash in the skull of a prehistoric human, or deceive the TARDIS crew to satisfy his own curiosity, even if it put them in deadly danger.

    Kids loved that then, believe it or not! Hard to imagine such a thing today, more's the pity. The only flicker of surprise in characterization in the five years I watched New Who was Tennant in Waters Of Mars, and of course, it's just done for show.

    Of course, the mileage of many does differ. Try it and see for yourself, Logan. Just don't go expecting cliffhangers or any of the stuff that was once considered part of the show's bedrock.

    Science and good writing has been replaced by magic: the sonic LED torch fixes pretty much anything, and the TARDIS console can be cracked open for the rest.

    The Universe has been blown up, companions are imaginary - it's all Terribly Serious, ie a load of old cobblers. Anything goes, nothing matters.

    Historicals are more like the lousy celebrity-obsessed final season of Quantum Leap, but worse. Churchill has a telephone he can call the Doctor with, for instance.

    As the director of the classic Tomb Of The Cybermen once said, you can either have unreal people in real situations or real people in unreal ones - but two doses of unreality makes for a soggy mess. And that's where we are now, on a good day.

    The McGann telemovie was an exciting thing for about 90 minutes in the mid90s. Then, one sobered up and saw the flaws. This new twist on the series has had some successes, to be sure. But overall, I can't abide it.

    I would rather the BBC had provided the new fans they captured with a show of their own to enjoy, instead of revising one I liked purely to suit them. But that's showbiz.

    I think Doctor Who nowadays has far more in common with the godawful 3D Eastenders crossover charity thing Dimensions In Time than say the Hinchcliffe era.

    Of course, when Tom (7 years) Baker gets only one bloody square on the 50th Anniversary Monopoly board, I doubt many still remember or care.

    Why not try and see for yourself, Logan?

    You might love the changes! Just write and let us know! :-)

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    Personally I'd say no, my partner and I can't get our heads around why people are so crazy about Moffat's Doctor Who, if it were just me I'd think there was something wrong with my head, but neither of us can stand it, every episode from season 6 episode 1 (5 was decent, on first viewing anyway) sends us both mad with questioning every scene, every line of dialogue, every plot development or character development (not that they do). If we'd written it down, we'd have an doctorate paper on why Moffat Who is an objectively badly written show >_>
    I understand it's intended to be more inclusive of kids, but geeeeezzz.

    But hey, we seem to be the minority, so go nuts, but do start with the beginning of the new series, Eccleston and Tennant are awesome, show was still camp as hell and had lolzy writing but it was very much aware of that fact.

    Production values seem to be on the up, I remember when they made monster costumes out of garbage bags because of the BBC's legendary jewish budget constraints. He seems like a pretty cool doctor who too...i'm a poet and I know it. Used to love it when Kenny Everett made fun of them.

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    Look, I'm just going to say it.


    There. I said it. Don't we all feel better? I feel better.

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