Got A Favorite Android SMS App?

I don't really like my HTC Sense-flavoured SMS app. In particular, the lock-screen notifications really bug me — there's no way to see if you've gotten more than one message. And group messages don't really work properly. Do you have one you like?


    I use Whatsapp on Android to text my friends who mostly use iOS. It works ok, but sometimes the notifications don't work.

    Handcent sms

    + Handcent

    Best app ive ever used. First app installed any any new phone or ROM.

    Another one for Handcent.

    I send a lot of bulk SMS for my soccer club, and it's fantastic.

    +1 to handcent. Definitely

    I use goSMS and loved it. But they are starting to make it a bit bloated.

    I liked handscent before but similar issue. Maybe its time to give it another try

    Yep, been using goSMS for a while now. Some good features, especially the pop-up window with the message in it that I can use to reply without having to leave whatever app I'm in (except when I happen to be in some games, can make things go crazy...).

    Whatsapp is the best, handcent used to be good but has gone down hill, Whatsapp used to send me the free ipad links etc but seems they have fixed the spammerup. great app has never once failed m3e

      Only problem with Whatsapp is that the receiver must also be on Whatsapp, so it's not a true SMS app.

    Viber. Awesome app, and even better voice clarity over data than other apps I've used (voice is even clearer and more responsive than standard 3G phone calls!)

    Highly recommended

    +1 for Handcent. Brilliant App

    SMS popup, simple, light weight and effective :)

    I've never had a need for anything more than just basic messaging, to the AOSP messaging app has always done a great job for me :)

    GoSMS was the last sms app I used, currently I used the stock AOSP 4.1.2 app as it looks nice and really does all I need it to.

    Tried all, but in the end, still went back to GoSMS. For apearance sake. Also I think I've spent too much time adjusting the color and customizing the appearance lol so it would be a pain to throw that all away and try different app.

    I used Handcent for a while, but now I use GoSMS, it's the best. Handcent became too bloated.

    Yeah I've tried a few third-party SMS apps like Handcent etc.
    The best I've used is GO SMS Pro because I like the interface (Holo theme) and I like all the features. It could be more optimised but I don't plan on migrating to another SMS app any time soon

    Just tried all SMS apps from the Play store and they all suck. Stock SMS app is the best... all I wanted was a recent list of texted numbers and none of them have it.

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