Gizmodo Awards 2012: Nominate Your Best Laptops

It's almost time to deck the halls in the lead up to the end of the year and that means we're left with the business of finding the best tech that 2012 had to offer. We want your nominations for the best of the best, and first up is laptops.

We want your nominations for the best laptop of 2012. Was it the Lenovo X1 Carbon? Perhaps the Retina MacBook Pro 13-Inch? It could even be Razer Blade?

Leave your nomination for best laptop in the comments. You can nominate as many laptop/convertible devices as you like, as many times as you like!

Don't forget to vote in any of the other categories, either.
Best Television Sony 4K? LG 4K? Sharp's 80-inch monster?
Best Mobile Broadband Telstra 4G? Optus 4G? Vodafone 3G+?
Best Broadband ISP iiNet? TPG? Telstra?
Best Mobile App Flipboard? TripView? Facebook?
Best Camera Olympus OM-D EM-5? Canon 650D? Sony NEX 5-R? Lytro?
Best Slate Tablet Nexus 7? Galaxy Note 10.1? iPad mini?
Best Convertible Tablet Asus Transformer? Dell XPS 12? Microsoft Surface RT? Padfone 2?
Best Mobile Phone iPhone 5? Lumia 920? Samsung Galaxy S III?
Best Laptops Razer Blade? Lenovo X1 Carbon? Retina MacBook Pro?
Gadget Of The Year The big one!



    I would nominate the 13-inch retina for pushing boundaries in display. It is also a beautiful thing to look at!

    I reckon the 15 inch retina MBP. Bigger deal than the 13, I would think.

    The new 15 inch Macbook Pro Retina, some great new features such as HDMI, along with Retina ;)

      How is HDMI a new feature? My last three laptops have had it.

        Remember, to Apple users things like HDMI are new because they've never been on an Apple laptop before.


    The 15" MBP with Retina is lightning fast, beautiful to look at and incredibly thin. The upgrade from my 2 year old 13" MPB was a giant leap forward.

    Alienware M17xR4 16GB RAM HD7970 Grahpic card.

    havent found a game this beast cant play on max settings comfortably.

    As for you MBP lovers... Good luck with your glued together machine that happen to have a nice but somewhat useless screen.

    Hands down has to be the Samsung NP900X4C-A01AU

      Exactly! Thinner than a MacBook Air, 15" Superbright screen and 6-7 hours battery life in real-world use. Add in a charger that is less than half the size of a MacBook wall-wart and it is unbeatable. Oh, and it has HDMI out, too.

    Basically any re-badged clevo (msi, sager, etc) will smash the shite out of anything you can buy at the same price

    you're all in the 99%, 99% OF YOU HAVE NO USE FOR RETINA DISPLAY

      Yes, because being able to watch 1080p movies on a 13-inch screen is so useless. "No use for the retina display" is such a redundant argument. By that logic, there is no use for the 2560x1600 display on the nexus 10. Since when has having more pixels over less been a bad thing?

      I understand that there are other laptops (or even tablets now) that can do this, but in my opinion no other laptop (and I've owned everything from Dell XPS to Sony Vaios to a 17" MBP) even comes close to the colour representation and contrast that Macbook screens give. The Retina Display does just that. There might be little professional use for the retina display on the Macbook but that doesn't stop the fact that things simply look nicer on the retina screen.

      We're not just talking about performance here, other factors such as looks, design, usability, price etc. have to be considered as well. Macbooks dont have the cheap plastic-y feel of other professional gaming laptops. The Dell and the Sonys I've bought have lasted over a year and half each. I've been using my MBP for about 2.5 years now under the same level of usage and its not given me one bit of stress. I haven't even had to format it once (compared to the several times i've had to for the other laptops). Apple laptops are just a bit more polished, I reckon.

      Last edited 27/11/12 9:26 am

        You can watch 1080p movies on a 1080p screen my friend.

        And I highly doubt that the general public can tell the difference in pixel quantity or contrast
        (compared to other decent scenes), they only think it looks more amazing because apple tells them it does.
        Please see where jimmy shows people an old iphone 4s (faking as an iphone 5) and everyone thinks its "way better".

        I do agree that the macbook line is very polished but I'm sorry, it just cannot be justified by the price.
        I you want something sleek there are some very beautiful ultrabooks being put out by brands like acer and asus, that could match a macbook's performance.

        As for the longevity of your personal laptops, maybe you should be less abusive or do more research. I have had no troubles with my windows laptops. Perhaps you don't have trouble with your mac because it is a dumbed down OS which makes it harder for people to f**k up?

          But the fact that you can watch full HD on a 13 inch form factor makes a lot of difference to people too. All you need to do is go down to a JB HiFi or Dick Smith and you can see the stark difference between the screen (its not just pixel density or contrast ratio, but even glare etc.)

          While I'm not disagreeing that there are people who want the latest Apple products for the sake of having them, and those people would be completely oblivious to any of these features.

          Regarding the longevity of my laptops, I had researched long and hard into every single purchase. In fact, in 2007, I plonked down $2,200 for a Dell XPS, which according to all reviews at the time was more than capable of passing as a workhorse. That laptop lasted me exactly 9 months with moderate use before the screen blew out on me. I had similar issues with my Vaio where my hard drive burnt out and the heat sinks in the GPU and processor melted (I had spent about $1,600 on that). So yes, while spent $2,500 for my MBP, it certainly is cheaper in the long run with regards to maintenance and the fact that it hasn't blown up in less than a year (and i still use it just the same as my previous laptops).

          I consider myself to be quite tech-savvy, I have a Windows Netbook, an Android tablet as well as an iPhone and MBP. To be honest neither the android and Windows live up to my expectations like the MBP. Dumbed down or not, at the end of the day, it works. And that's all anyone ever wants. No point in having the most flexible OS or hardware when it doesn't work or gives you so much grief.

        I'm sorry but a Retina Display is just lots of pixels, there are plenty of screens with better contrast and deeper blacks. It has been several years since MacBook screens were clearly superior to PC laptops. When I watched a film trailer on a Retina iPad I had to ask the clown in the Apple Store if it was a new iPad or an iPad 2. The screen was nothing special at all and I thought the Android tablet screens in Harvey Norman looked just even better. Yes, that is because H-N was in a basement and lighting was much better but that is kind of the point - there is no use having the perfect screen unless you also have the perfect viewing conditions. In fact, the conditions are way more important than the screen - an average screen will look great in a darkened room, a Retina display will look washed out and average in an over-lit Apple Store. More importantly, if you are watching a 1080p video full screen on a Retina MacBook, it will scale the pixels, which will degrade the image quality considerably, whereas on a native 1080p screen like an Asus Zenbook you will get 1:1 pixels for the perfect image.

    Definitely the 15" MacBook Pro retina, that thing is a beast!

    I like you Raamsy, you have great taste in good technology haha.

    I'd like to nominate my beautiful Alienware M17xR4 (also with a 7970M GPU) as the best laptop.
    I'm absolutely in love with the thing, I can play all the latest games (including BF3) on ultra, it's not too heavy to sit in the lap, the cooling is great, the design is gorgeous the battery is surprisingly good (up to 4 hours), excellent keyboard, beautiful display and outstanding specs.

    The 15" MBP with Retina Display. Like or hate Apple this laptop is a thing of beauty. From the ultra-thin unibody design, to the incredible screen.

    15" Retina Macbook Pro... I'm not an Apple fanboy by any stretch, but after having seen the display in action I purchased one myself.. Also I've had 5 VM's (Win 7 + 4 Linux VM's for GNS3 network labs) plus naturally the native OSX running on this thing with 2 external high res displays and the thing doesn't skip a beat. Beast of a machine, love it.

    13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display

    Asus G75. For someone who has never had a decent computer for playing games, being able to run everything i get on ULTRA... in 3D is a huge step up for me.

    I've got the 13" MBP, an iMac, And an HP Pavilion, and I would have to say the 15" Retina MBP.

    Dell xps 14z awesome
    Best present for the wife ever!
    Replaced a Dell xps m1530.

    The 2012 model Clevo P150em. Amazing power with amazing specs.

      Strange that you never see or hear mention of any Clevo products on any of the Allure media sites... I'd love to see some reviews or at least a mention of them from time to time. Here's hoping they are at least considered and on the list for this 2012 Laptop of the Year.

      Yes agreed I have a Horize P150EM and it is an incredible machine. It would be ridiculous for this not to be listed in the best laptops of 2012 section. Especially considering it's an actual high end notebook. Which are getting more hard to find.

    Macbook Air 13" 2012 - SInce I have MBA I reduced my dependancy on tablets almost to zero. I can have it with me any time and with 4G card it does real magic.

    The 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. NUFF SAID!

    15" Macbook pro with retina display with Samsung panel.... that's my choice lol

    but Razer Blade notebook is very nice too.

    Retina Mac Book Pro 15"

    15" Retina MBP its sleek design and gorgeous screen make it the best computer of 2012

    Please don't choose a computer based on how it looks. I usually choose a computer based on how well it computes. If all these people voting for the MBP are doing so because it looks the nicest then I won't be able to use the results of the poll.

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