Gizmodo Awards 2012: Best Camera Nominations Now Open

It's almost time to deck the halls in the lead up to the end of the year and that means we're at the business of finding the best tech that 2012 had to offer. We want your nominations for the best of the best in cameras.

Did the Canon 650D tickle your fancy? What about the Nikon D600? Could the Sigma DP2 or the Sony SLT-A99 do it for you? We want your nominations for best camera, whatever it may be..

Leave your nomination for best camera in the comments. You can nominate as many devices as you like, as many times as you like! We'll roll out voting next week.

Don't forget to vote in any of the other categories, either.
Best Television Sony 4K? LG 4K? Sharp's 80-inch monster?
Best Mobile Broadband Telstra 4G? Optus 4G? Vodafone 3G+?
Best Broadband ISP iiNet? TPG? Telstra?
Best Mobile App Flipboard? TripView? Facebook?
Best Camera Olympus OM-D EM-5? Canon 650D? Sony NEX 5-R? Lytro?
Best Slate Tablet Nexus 7? Galaxy Note 10.1? iPad mini?
Best Convertible Tablet Asus Transformer? Dell XPS 12? Microsoft Surface RT? Padfone 2?
Best Mobile Phone iPhone 5? Lumia 920? Samsung Galaxy S III?
Best Laptops Razer Blade? Lenovo X1 Carbon? Retina MacBook Pro?
Gadget Of The Year The big one!



    I haven't used it yet, but I think the GoPro 3 black looks very good

    i am torn between Nikon D800E and Sony A99

    Won't people just be voting for whatever they own? Unless you are filthy rich and can afford more than one DSLR, how can you objectively choose between multiple cameras if you don't work in a camera shop? Same for all the other polls.
    Rant over.
    I vote for Canon EOS 600D.

    Olympus OMD. A lot of pants kicking awesomeness in a teeny body.

    GoPro Hero2 - best active camera around wet and dry

    I'd say Nikon pushed the bar forward the most this year. The D800/E brought medium format quality into the full frame realm and the D600 put full frame sensors in the area previously held by high end crop sensor bodies. Was the Olympus OM-D5 released this year? that's quite a compelling little camera too.

    The Sony Nex-6
    Not a top-of-the-line feature filled camera, but wow it manages to do a lot for its size and it takes awesome photos too

      I bought a NEX-C3 when they came out - I'm still very happy indeed with that.

      So +1 from me.

      And I have the NEX5n, So happy with it. Awesome Camera

    Fuji XPro-1 and Fuji XE-1 both fantastic cameras thanks to the new Fuji X-trans sensor, real innovation in digital cameras!

    GoPro 3 black It really has video and even stills for the action world covered in places you can't easily take the DSLR.....

    I nominate the NEX-5R

    Fuji XE1 if u ask me

    Nikon brought medium format pixel counts, not the quality. The sensor is still too small to pick up the detail a medium format sensor would, but kudos to Nikon for raising the bar with the D800E

    D600! real true FX camera on a budget in a small box

    might be something in mirrowless world that can compete for the titles bu t everything else is just refresh for whatever was there

    iPhone 5


    seriously though, from Canon shooter, I think D800/E is very good, then 5D3 then D600, maybe 6D but 6D i not even out yet.

    Olympus OMD EM-5

    GoPro Hero 3 or BlackMagic Cinema Cam (for the record I own a Canon 5D3 and 60d)

    Sony RX100 digital camera - amazing. Just took one on a 6 week trip. Sure there were times when it would have been great to have an SLR but there where so many times I used this when an SLR would have been too much hassle or not been appropriate. Excellent pocket digital camera.

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