Gizmodo Awards 2012: Best Broadband ISP Nominations Now Open

It's almost time to deck the halls in the lead up to the end of the year and that means we're at the business of finding the best tech that 2012 had to offer. We want your nominations for the best of the best in Australian ISPs.

Was it Internode? iiNet? Optus? What About Telstra? Crowd-favourite TPG, maybe?

Leave your nomination for best ISP in the comments. You can nominate as many devices as you like, as many times as you like! We'll roll out voting next week.

Nominations for best laptop and best mobile phone, best slate and best convertible tablet are also open.



    had iiNet for a few years now, and very happy

    call me crazy, but whilst clubtelco can be a little patchy on dodo's network... if you arent nuts about ping and occasionally laggy download speeds (50% of theorectical line speed), then hey.... you cannot beat value for money, nor can u argue that their no contract policy is crazy - its genius

    even their adsl1 options for unlimited peak at a 8mb connection. it sure beats other isps charging for 8mb adsl1 connections

      You're crazy.

        well yes, i am.

        but find me another isp that does NO CONTRACT signups at 8mb adsl1 connections for regional queensland/australia

        just doenst happen - clubtelco is crazy... in a good way for me

    I'm a sucker for fast internet so I have to nominate Telstra for their 100mb/s cable plans

    +1 For Telstra. Their plans have always been too rich for me, but when I had the chance to go from TPG's 3.5Mb ADSL2 to 100Mb Telstra Cable I jumped. of 114Mb all day, every day :)

    Going to throw another vote to iiNet.

    Been with them for years and never had any major problems. I find the support really helpful on the rare occasion that you need it. I also like how active their people are on Whirlpool.

    TPG was the worst I had. Before that we had Telstra which was very good. Signed up to Adam only this month.

      TPG has been excellent for me for 5+ years

    Been with iiNet for several years and haven't felt the need to look elsewhere. Their support is fantastic too.

    Between good service, customer care and most importantly Finn the TV Ad guy, who could possibly resist iiNet?

    Internode aka iiNode.

    I will say ClubTelco Unlimited ADSL for $25 per Month (Local Area) you can't beat that for a financial commitment, plus you play a yearly fee of $50 and you can get discounts on Fast Food, Cinema Tickets, Clothing, Vacations, etc.

    DODO for me.
    Pretty average customer service, but the rest is good.
    Unlimted ADSL2+ for $30 a month, I think it's advertised at $40.
    Solid connection and speeds can't complain.

    Been with iiNet for 3 years, best ISP hands down.

    Amnet. the signup is dead simple and the support is top notch - they pick up the phone pretty much straight away and they have a very active rep on Whirlpool as well - and you always speak to someone local. We also deal with them frequently at work and they are awesome. they won the best ISP prize in the Whirlpool broadband survey in 2011 (there was no 2012 survey)

    Voting iinet here,

    have been with countless ISP's over the years and iinet has never disappointed. Their constant facebook/twitter updates of when networks are down are superb, their call centres are really helpful and their reps will go the extra mile to help you with hardware they don't actually support, and second of all, their constant showering in upgrades and gifts. when i was with optus i'd have to call up everytime they brought a new round of plans on when data would be upped, with iinet they automatically move every customer over to the higher packages on the same price point.

    Been with them for years...
    Moved out tried TPG....Had 3 months of shit internet before i payed out the contract and went back to iinet.

    Internode. Been with them for years (ever since I moved to BB) and I am extremely happy with them.


    Telstra network with unbelievably good customer service. No Contest!!

    Telstra Business. Had ADSL2+ with them for 2 years now, probably had Sync for as long as I've been with them.
    Never gone down, fast, low latency.

    please help me choose a good internet company with broadband/home bundle plan that has good speed reliable. used dodo and tpg before not happy with them. i;m in victoria metro

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