Foxtel Go Hands-On: Catching Up Has Never Looked Better

We shout about the importance of availability when it comes to entertainment services all the time in the hope that one day we'll be able to watch anything, anywhere. Foxtel seems to have finally heard us, and is today putting it's catch-up TV service, Foxtel Go, onto the iPad. We've been using it, and man, is it pretty.

The app is stunning to look at. As you can see from the horizontal-scrolling title page right through to the show feeds on the Catch-Up page, this app is all kinds of sexy. It's got a Windows 8-look to it and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The app won't let you into any shows without a Foxtel log-in. This isn't something you can just go and get for free, you need a Foxtel or Austar subscription to use this app. That's a big problem, because that kicks out the people who want Foxtel but don't have a TV or set-top box to watch it with. You can use multiple devices for Foxtel Go, however, so conceivably you could just borrow a friend's account and kick in a few bucks to their bill each month.

Once you've logged in, shows that are available on your package come up with a full, high-resolution thumbnail. If you're not subscribed to that particular package, you see a greyed-out thumbnail and a key, meaning no show for you. It's a shame because the one I wanted to watch is my favourite episode of Doctor Who...

The quality of the shows seems to vary. I watched both The Walking Dead and Sky News National and the former came in at what appeared to be 360p, while the latter is currently streaming in beautiful 720p. I'll keep testing and report back, it might be a bandwidth-thing. That is: lower bandwidth available means lower quality shipped to the device.

You can also access the TV guide, set your IQ to record shows and even watch Live TV on via Foxtel Go. All of your channels come up in a vertical list on the right-hand side of the app and you can full-screen any show to watch the action unfold on your tablet.

This app is seriously gorgeous, and thankfully, it's free from the iOS App Store. The only huge bummer is that you can't use it as a stand-alone subscription service. So close, Foxtel, but no cigar. Not yet.

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    Android app?

      Android users are too enlightened to use foxtel. They torrent all their shows because it's free and open. trolololol

        Did someone sing my song?

        Waiting on the Win8 app now.... Because.... Not enlightened?

      android ver is out but on Samsung site only s3 some galaxy notes so far. posses Me off Apple have had app for over a year, android ver is.ready and only Samsungs can get it. I pay foxtel over 200/month and they can't give it to all foxtel/austar customers but to Samsung as an xperia.owner and paying foxtel customer this is.a f......ckn joke. and to put icing on the cake Telstra offering their ver of go foxtel play. where is customer loyalty. I feel like foxtel r bending me over a table and screwing me I contacted them twice no reply

    Can you AirPlay to a device?

      Nope - will get audio only according to the FAQ

      Looks like it supports (at least Audio anyway)

        Ummm why can't you AirPlay? Even if it can't do it from the app, double click the home button and swipe sideways for air mirroring.

    website says that the stream is optimised depending on your connection speed, so that must be why the difference in quality as you suggested.

    Doesn't seem to work if you're a Foxtel from Telstra customer, or am I missing something?

    [edit] Yes it does (after speaking to Telstra live support and creating a new Foxtel web account linked to your Foxtel from Telstra account).

    FYI AirPlay seems to work too :) :)

    Last edited 07/11/12 3:49 pm

      @lbd I couldn't get airplay to work. What did you to get it working ?

    Too bad there's no Android app until next year :(

    But if it has live channels in addition to just catchup, then that's a winner. The only thing it needs now is to be unmetered on Telstra Mobile connections.

      it's out and ready it's on Samsung website and only for galaxy s3 certain note models it says. as a Xperia user and foxtel customer I'm pissed

    Anyone knows if this is blocked for overseas access?

    @lbd Would also love to know if this works or not with Airplay, streaming it to my TV via AppleTv.

      find someone in Australia u can via or if u set it region settings to Australia I've heard it works sometimes .usually they reverse end ur isp's ip address

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