New iPhone Apps: Expedia, Where To Wee, Artsy Head

New iPhone Apps: Expedia, Where To Wee, Artsy Head

We’re about to enter into maximum holiday madness. It’s easy to wonder if you’re going to make it to January alive. As we kick off the season, this week’s edition of the best iPhone apps has a few tools to help you make it through.

Expedia: Travel can be totally stressful, so the easier it is to book everything the better. Now Expedia will let you book both hotels and flights in the same app. (The old version was just hotels). On to your next holiday! Free.

Where to Wee: Last week, I had to pee so badly while I was out in an unfamiliar city and spent what felt like decades searching for a bathroom. This would have answered my bladder woes — an app that tells you where there are free public restrooms in cities all over the world. Free.

Scratch Hard: Scratch-off lottery tickets are fun but you never win more than a dollar, it seems. This app will at least give you some kind of pay day, in the form of scratch off discounts for nearby stores. Its usefulness will vary depending on location. Free.

Artsy Head: Take videos and add things like green screen-type backgrounds, moustaches and giant novelty sunglasses. I’m a sucker for gimmicky things like this. I mean, who hates novelty ‘staches? $0.99.