Dyson Doubles Up On The Cyclones So Its Vacs Suck Twice As Hard

It's not exactly the most revolutionary of improvements, but today Dyson announced two new compact vacuums that now feature two banks of its patented cyclones that promise vastly improved suction. And while the 'just add more' approach seems like it would be the easy route, it still took Dyson's engineers three years and 1859 prototypes to perfect the new DC50.

Both the upright DC50 and the compact DC47 canister vacuums come with the new two-tier system, but the individual cyclones have also been made smaller which results in the air moving faster and greater suction. The DC50 also comes with a redesigned self-adjusting cleaning head so it's just as effective at cleaning carpets as hard floors, and sees the motor moved from the pivoting ball to the top of the vacuum. Both the DC50 and DC47 are available in the UK as of today for $574 and $510 respectively and will presumably eventually make their way to Australia in the coming year.

[Dyson UK via Pocket-lint]

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