Digital Tracking Rifle Scope Only Shoots When Your Target Is In Your Sights

A company called TrackingPoint has developed what it calls an Intelligent Digital Tracking Scope that lets a shooter virtually mark a location so that the rifle will only fire when the intended target is in its crosshairs. Even if the trigger is squeezed, the rifle will only fire when it's on target.

Some might argue that it takes the sport and skill out of hunting, but at the same time it does appear to make the sport safer preventing misses or misfires. The only catch is that because the digital scope is so tightly integrated into the rest of the rifle, it doesn't seem like it can be retrofitted to your existing arsenal. But next year the company is planning to introduce three rifles with the scope system already built-in, so you'll be better equipped to frag yourself a deer come hunting season. [TrackingPoint via The Firearm Blog via BoingBoing]

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