Demonoid Tracker Back Online After Earlier Attacks

Demonoid Tracker Back Online After Earlier Attacks

After the Ukrainian government’s assault on the Demonoid torrent tracker three months ago, we’ve heard not a peep out of it. Many thought it was down for good as a present to the US from the Ukraine, but lo, two days ago, the tracker began to rise from the ashes from whence it had been cast. Demonoid’s back, baby!

Three and a half months ago, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks were aimed at the Demonoid site, forcing it offline, before the datacentre that played host to Demonoid was forced by Interpol to shed the client. All because the Ukrainian government wanted to flex its muscles to the US over its copyright infringement stance.

Since then, Demonoid has taken up residence in Hong Kong and the tracker is slowly coming back online.

TorrentFreak reports that full service — like the website and forums — will take a while to come back online, but the resurrection of the tracker is a start.

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