Coffee Plunger Mug Brews A Perfect Single Serving Of Coffee

Single serve coffee plungers are far from a new innovation, but with the Minibru. you don't need a pile of separate hardware or one of those ridiculous-looking, overengineered French press travel mugs. It's designed to look like a regular old coffee cup and keep the brewing process simple.

To whip up a morning batch (or mid-mornining, pre-brunch, brunch, post-brunch, etc) you just fill the Minibru with coarsely ground coffee to a marked line, pour in hot water, and then after a couple of minutes insert a filter plunger that disappears into the coffee.

It clears out most of the grinds, and when you're done with your hit of caffeine the Minibru is easy to dismantle and toss in the dishwasher. And for $US25 there has to be a coffee addict on your Christmas shopping list this would appeal to. [ThinkGeek]

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