Click Frenzy: All The Tech Deals We Know About So Far [Updated]

Click Frenzy pledges to "stop the nation" when it releases its massive list of deals tonight. I can't say I'm entirely convinced, but there are bargains to be had in the tech arena. Here are the ones we've spotted so far.

We're posting this in lieu of Lunchtime Deal today. Think of it as a bumper deal post.

Click Frenzy will officially kick off at 7pm AEDT tonight when the full list of sales goes online. It's being kept pretty close to the chest what's going to be on offer, but some brands have already leaked what they'll be flogging.


Never one to miss a bargain, Kogan Online is discounting a few items to celebrate today's Click Frenzy sales, with even more available with free shipping.

• $50 off 22-inch LED TV ($139 down from $189) • $300 off 46-inch Borderless LED TV ($499 down from $799) • $7 off Orgasmic Head Massager ($8 down from $15...oh dear) • $80 off Kogan 2000-watt Steam Iron ($149 down from $229) • $10 off 1000-watt Stand Mixer ($139 down from $149)


Telstra is also offering a few sweet deals.

• 50% off any album in the BigPond Music download catalogue • 50% off selected bed linen for BigPond Shopping customers


Here's one worth paying attention to.

• 20% off everything, including movies and games


Lenovo's got a few really great deals, including the one on the Lenovo X1 Carbon and the ThinkPad Tablet.

• ThinkPad Tablet 64GB — $399 • ThinkPad X1 Carbon — $1,199 (Core i5-3317U, 14" 1600x900, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD) • ThinkPad Edge E530 laptop — $549 (Core i5-3210M, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD) • ThinkPad X230 laptop — $1,099 (Core i7-3520M, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD) • ThinkCentre M92z All-in-one — $999 (Core i5-3470S, 23" non-touch, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD) • ThinkPad Edge S430 laptop — $798 (Core i5-3210M, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD) • ThinkPad T430 laptop — $1,398 (Core i7-3520M, 14" 1600x900, NVIDIA NVS 5400M, 6GB RAM, 128GB SSD) • ThinkCentre M72z desktop — $399 (Pentium G630T, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD)

Via OzBargain

Dick Smith

There aren't a huge amount of bargains to be had from Dick Smith, but there are a lot of products listed on its website here. These are a few we picked out:

• $10 off Garmin eTrex 10 ($119 down from $129) • 20% off Xbox 360 Essentials Pack • $50 off NAVMAN MY350LMT In Car GPS ($229 down from $279) • $20 off Dick Smith Turntable and Radio ($49.95 down from $79.95)

(via @lachie_h)


Plenty of sweet tech here. This is what we like.

• $100 off Skyworth 42-inch LED TV ($499 down from $599) • $100 off LaCie Porsche Design 1TB USB 3.0 HDD ($99 down from $199) • Up to 40% off Logitech • Up to 50% off SanDisk • Up to 25% off Acer • Up to 45% off Sennheiser • Up to 35% off Netgear • Up to 35% off D-Link • Up to 55% off Speck • Up to 20% off Nikon

Plenty more, all here.

Big Brown Box

Big Brown Box is an online gadget retailer with more gadgets on special than I care to list. From $600 off a 55-inch Bravia TV, through to $310 off Samsung 3D Blu-ray home theatre systems. Find all the deals here.

Ted's Cameras

I'm a big fan of my local Ted's. Here are the Click Frenzy offers it has on special:

• $100 off all Digital SLR (when you spend $900 or more) &bull $50 off all compact cameras (when you spend $200 or more)

Claim them here.


This one's more of a bonus than a deal:

• Get two free movie tickets when you buy a copy of Microsoft Office

JB Hi-Fi

JB isn't technically part of Click Frenzy, but it still has some pretty sweet Factory Scoop deals for you to take advantage of between now and tomorrow.

The Good Guys

Although not officially part of Click Frenzy, The Good Guys are offering up to $250 cash-back on selected purchases made online in the next two days. You can find all the details here.

There are a bunch of other tech retailers also participating in Click Frenzy, including:

• Toys R Us • Bing Lee • Dell • Universal Music • BookTopia • Expedia • Appliances Online • Camera House • The Co-Op Bookshop • MWave • Quickflix

Stay tuned for offers from the above as we get closer to the sale time. Don't forget to check out Lifehacker's guide on how not to get screwed on Click Frenzy.

Seen a deal we missed? Leave it in the comments!

Disclosure: Luke Hopewell's wife is currently employed by the Co-Op Bookshop

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    I'm not sure "Select Bed Linen" counts as a tech deal. Why is Telstra even selling linen? Have I crossed over to some parallel universe where Telstra just sell music and linen?

      Well considering how much they suck at providing a reliable telecommunications network they might as well have a crack at the linen and music market! ;-)

        I would have loved to have been in the Telstra board room when bed linen was put on the table. haha

        Well, they could be selling shoes, but I'm not sure I want a Telstra shoe phone :)

          You don't want a shoe phone with superior network coverage?
          What's wrong with you man? :P

            Trevor from Telstra says the Terrain Tough Shoe phones will come with built in wipes you can clean the dog shit off. :0

    is it possible that the Microsoft Surface RT will be discounted?

      Yup! If you purchase a 32gb windows 8 tablet, you will get 16gb wort of space to use ;)

        No big deal to me, ill get a 64gb SD card or external HDD if it bothers me too much.

          Get some sticky tape to affix the hard drive to the back of the tablet. Shouldn't make it much uglier.

    what happens to all the stock that still doesn't sell after the big 'Frenzy'?...a further 50% off of course lol

      ...or keep the stock for Christmas sales etc.

    "• $20 off Dick Smith Turntable and Radio ($49.95 down from $79.95) "
    That's $30 off

    Do you go to the click frenzy website for these once the sale goes live, or each individual retailer's websites? It's not entirely clear.

      Click Frenzy's I guess. That's why there was an earlier article about the worry Click Frenzy's website will crash in a pile of overloaded smoke.

        Ok I am wrong. I clicked on Lenovo and it has it listed in their store.

          I think the idea is that Click Frenzy is like a central listing that directs you to all the other sites to make purchases. Not that the central listing is working at the moment. :|

    Mwave have a great deal lined up, according to their preview page:

    Google Nexus 7 Tablet: $259.99, was... $169.00???

      Really? I can't find this preview page you are referring to

        I would go find the URL, but surprise surprise, their servers are slagged...

      I noticed that too earlier this evening and took a screencap
      I had to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me.

        Ugh turns out the mislabelled it ... and we can't even complain because the 169 and 259 should've been in opposite places if it was legit ... waited 3 hours for this .. Sigh

    Nothing worthwhile, as expected.

    WOW HD appears to be up already.
    20% on DVD/BD/Games
    15% everything else

    Spend 60+ for free shipping

    Update: After checking a few presents I wanted to buy, ozgameshop is still cheaper.
    Halo 4 looks good at $52

    Last edited 20/11/12 4:51 pm

    I find it ironic that Dick Smith's "discounted" HDMI cable is still 50 bucks. Honestly, I can't believe retailers are still getting away with charging so much for HDMI cables. Go to MSY or Jaycar and get one for 5 bucks that does exactly the same thing.

      Oh, but don't you know that they're directional? And you have to have gold-plated plugs. And discombobulated noise shielding.
      Oh wait, that's audio cables. My mistake. The price is totally warranted for those.

    Me thinks there will be a lot of very unhappy people tonight, when they are unable to buy, because of grid lock for the site. LoL.

      AND GUESS WHAT... I was right.

        Some of the sites had crapped them selves earlier this morning.

    Microsoft: Buy office get 2 free movie tickets

    JB Hifi: 20% off Factory Scoops until midnight tomorrow.

    Does anyone know if is any good? Couple things I want at a good price but I'd like them before Christmas.

      They used to be great, doesn't seem to be as much anime there as there used to be. Their listed ship times were pretty accurate.


    Last edited 20/11/12 7:11 pm

    HAHAHA MYER - "The service is unavailable"

    Edit - And so is Click Frenzy!

    Edit 2 - Harvey Norman... This is hilarious.

    Edit 3 - Click Frenzy - The sale that stops a nation(s internet retailers)

    Last edited 20/11/12 7:10 pm

    Of course at 7pm the clickfrenzy site was totally dead, just like David Jones website has been most of the day. What is with these I.T. planners that they can never get the appropriate infrastructure in place? If I was the CEO I'd be having the I.T Manager's gonads in my toaster for breakfast tomorrow morning. Not my breakfast, the I.T. Manager's that is.

    Are these guys morons. Australia's biggest online sale ever. How about building the infrastructure to cater for the demand.
    Australia's biggest online flop ever.

      What are they supposed with that infrastructure the other 364 days of the year??
      Take it back to JB Hifi and ask for a refund???

        Umm... that's the point of 'cloud'... Capacity wen you need it none/little when you don't. That is one thing the overhyped 'cloud' services are good at.

    Clickfrenzy and DJ's still deader than a dodo. Myer site real slow, but kind of working. Tried to buy 10 $20 Itunes cards at 20% off. Says 'insufficent stock', OK, 5 then. 'Insufficient stock'. OK, I'll have 1 then. 'Insufficient stock'. More like laughing stock. U fail click frenzy. U fail DJ's. U fail Myer.

    Myer's products on "sale" are a joke. They shouldn't even have bothered with the leftover junk.
    I'm waiting for mwave to come back online, probably the only one I'm interested in (and probably the only one with genuine sales)

    so has anyone got anything working?

    Click Frenzy and most other retailers participating in this sale should take this opportunity to visit the still running DELL website and order a new server perhaps...

    15% Off Dell PowerEdge Servers
    Coupon Code 8RHNJVG4TMM70S

    ....atleast this will be an upgrade of their current 386sx servers running 256k of ram

    How about the amazingly powerful quad core PadFone 2 for $799 - a tablet and a phone, for the price of one.

    It stopped the nation all right. Dead in their tracks from shopping.

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