Canless Cleaner Blasts Away Crap At 320km/h

There's no better way to rid your keyboard of the disgusting horrors lurking between every key than with a blast of clean air. But if you're tired of buying endless cans of compressed air, this handheld Hurricane air pump promises 320km/h blasts without chemicals or other questionable gases.

On a fresh charge the pump can run at full bore for about 12 minutes, and will blow the equivalent of 20 cans of compressed air. If anything is left in its wake, it probably deserves to call your keyboard home. And while its $US80-$US100 price tag is a little steep, if you're a heavy user of compressed air cans, the Hurricane should pay for itself in the long run. [Amazon via ThinkGeek]


    Do you reckon it can be used to pump up car tyres? It'd be pretty handy to have in the car if it did

      You can buy cordless air compressors:

      Doubt it. There's a significant amount of back pressure that it would need to overcome -- and that thing doesn't look particularly sturdy.

    Yay. All that dead skin, hair, dust, food and god only knows what else are no longer traped under the keys of your keyboard. They are shot into the air in a cloud for you and all those around you to breath in!!! What a great idea.

    Personally I prefer to use an attachment on a vacuum cleaner to clean my keyboard. Simply make one with a 2L coke bottle, some silicone and gafa tape and a length of clear plastic tubing.

    All the clean with none of the plague inducing cloud.

      Suppose you could use it outside?

      Cool idea, I might try this.

      Vacuum is fine for keyboards, the usual reason for compressed air cans is cleaning inside the PC to avoid excessive amounts of static electricity and also the risk of ripping components off circuit boards.

        Not sure about sucking them off the board, but wouldn't 320Km/h blow them off?

        Also what difference does vacuum or blow make to static?
        I thought that air moving over non conductive or non earthed material causes a static buildup. Does suck and blow make a difference?

          sorry after re-reading realized that may have sounded obnoxious. it is a genuine question. does suck cause more static than blow?

          Edit: Get your minds out of the gutters

          Last edited 09/11/12 2:43 pm

            After working in a repair workshop for PCs for a year and a bit, I've never really seen static play that much of a part to begin with, as long as you are grounded to the case to begin with. Though I've noticed that the big air compressor doesn't cause any harm to components on a motherboard.

    Obligatory "Shut up and take my money"

    would be tempted if it was half the cost, also amazon will not ship to AU so that leaves think geeks $100 + another $20+ for shipping, way to much for a device i would maybe use every 6months :(

    I want a hand pumped, stored compression based, ultra filtered, one of these for cleaning camera equipment.

    Why not sonic speed...

    It only takes 0.5 bar pressure to get 330m/s, not 320km/hr through a critical venturi and NO you aren't going to blow components off the PC boards..... [not unless you heat it so that the solder (it's not sodder as many yanks like to say) melts]...

    Using a vacuum, you sort of need contact to maintain any significant air velocity to clean stuff. using an air nozzle, it can project a much greater distance..... How about an air nozzle, with a vacuum shroud to catch anything that gets blasted into the air, double the cleaning without the wide area contamination....

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