Best Android Tablet Apps: Social Networking

Best Android Tablet Apps: Social Networking

Android tablets can run any Android software, but they really shine with tablet-specific apps and programs that can take advantage of the bigger screen. All week, we’re rounding up our favourite Android tablet apps. Today: the best social networking apps.


You’ve got a whole lot of space on that big, pretty tablet screen of yours, so why not fill it with all the Twitter you can handle with Tweetdeck? It’s a Twitter client that handles custom lists, multiple accounts and timelines and it takes advantage of everything great about your tablet.[clear]


Path is an oft-overlooked social networking app that builds a beautiful picture of you and your friends’ social lives. Beautiful animations are bigger and brighter on a tablet and the large-format images were born to be on big screens like yours. [clear]


The ultimate “do want” list-maker is now available for your Android tablet. Pinterest is a social network built on beautiful images, so filling your tablet screen with them is a no-brainer. [clear]


Plume is a lot like Tweetdeck, in that it’s wholly customisable, great-looking for tablets but it also packs in added benefits like Facebook integration, timeline customisation and a nifty selection of home-screen widgets [clear]


Let’s face it: Facebook for Android tablets sucks. Let Facedroid pick up the slack that Zuckerberg and his team seem to be dropping. It’s a much better looking app for Facebook, it’s more functional and best of all: it’ll make Facebook bearable to use again. [clear]

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