At Least This QR Code Clock Appreciates How Useless It Is

For all intents and purposes QR codes are a dead technology only being kept alive by marketing machine life support. For some reason advertising types think it’s easier for consumers to snap a photo of a pixelated square than remember a URL, but as Michael Ciuffo points out with his obfuscated QR code clock, it’s a “...technological convenience that really isn’t convenient.”

Instead of using its LED display to show numbers, words, or even rotating hands, the clock displays an ever-changing QR code that requires you to snap a photo with an app on your smartphone to translate the time. As far as functionality goes the creation is completely and utterly pointless. But as commentary on why marketers are still trying to push QR codes on us, it’s utterly briliant. [Ch00ftech]


    i would rather take a quick photo then try to enter a url on a keyboard. sometimes when the simplest of things is the perfect solution.

    LOL. Though it should display the seconds too, might be pretty.

    (My boss's new batch of business cards has QR code to company website. WTF?)

      A future version might display seconds. The real issue is that it takes 10 seconds just to generate a code. If I can get optimize the code generation down to <1 second, I'll be sure to add seconds. Might add month and day as well.

    qr codes with all contact details on a business card data the way to go. Saying they are dead is pathetic.

    I've got a pack of business cards with a vcard QRcode on them and an NFC sticker on the back.
    I only give those ones out when I know it's going to be worth it but it is worth it, people who I give those to, never forget me.

    Why is everyone saying that QR codes are dead or horrible? They're optional and you don't have to use them!

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