ASUS 27-Inch ET2701 All-In-One Hands-On: Live Large

Hug your monolithic tower one last time, because Asus is coming for it with its new range of Windows 8, all-in-one desktops. There are three fancy new models ranging from 21.5-inches right up to 27-inches of touch-based, Windows 8 laden goodness. Can the ET2701 slay your existing desktop?

Look And Feel

• Asus seems to have figured out a formula for making beautiful hardware. From the Asus Taichi convertible laptop/tablet through to the Transformer Infinity and the Nexus 7, Asus has cracked it. That beautiful design language carries over to the 27-inch ET2701. The bezel isn't at all distracting, the silver aluminium mixed with jet-black accents envelope the unit and make it worthy of hanging on a wall and the stand is unassuming and sleek. •The IPS panel shines out of the unit, bringing those awesome Windows 8 Modern UI colours to life. • Annoyingly, it's not a screen that allows you to tilt it so that it's flat and facing upwards at you. That sets it apart from the other all-in-ones Asus launched today. Don't try to fold it flat either. I nearly damaged the stand giving it a crack.

Using It

• The ET2701 can be specced up to the nines with an Intel Core i7 3.1GHz processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a 1GB NVIDIA GT640M processor. That sort of spec will set you back around $2699 -- a pretty penny if you're a fan of building your own gaming towers, for example. • The touchscreen on top of the 27-inch, 1920x1280 screen is sharp and zippy and supports 10-points of touch at a time. You won't be left wanting when it comes to a fast-response screen. • It's an entertainment machine at its core, with a Blu-ray combo-drive, nestled stereo speakers, TV tuner and card-reader as standard. • One issue I do have is that this flagship model has all the bells and whistles but it doesn't carry support for a Thunderbolt port. That's disappointing, especially considering the lower specced models in the range carry two each. • It also comes with a subwoofer which adds a bit of doof to your pleasant-looking all-in-one.


    That's a neat little setup, Im guessing its non upgradeable though...

    "Acer seems to have figured out a formula for making beautiful hardware."
    Should read "Asus".

    seriously.. c'mon!

    acer! it's ASUS!!!! this is the worst website EVER!!! IT HAS THE SAME SPECS AS THE IMAC... 21.5 AND 27"

    who is the editor of this crapsite.. SERIOUSLY????

    looks good. Heads up you said Acer instead of Asus at the start of a paragraph in this article.

    The choice between an Apple or Asus ?....goodbye Apple. When I buy something I prefer to own it outright, not have Apple decide on when and where I can use it.

    I'm looking at my future desktop PC.

    Last edited 02/11/12 10:18 pm

      This is perhaps the most inexplicable comment I have ever seen on Gizmodo. What exactly does Apple decide on your operation of a mac? How do you not own the device when you buy it? have you ever been so far as decided to use even go want to look more like?

    I still don't get touch on a desktop, how is lifting your hand off the mouse easier than leaving it on the mouse where it already is?

    Sorry but i like being able to upgrade my internals.... AOI solutions are for people with more money than brains or businesses

      AFAIK you can upgrade the HDD and RAM. I love to build my own PCs and I'm a massive hardware nerd, but in four years my desktop PC has had the same CPU, GPU, RAM and MOBO, and that was mid-range hardware in 2008!

      I figure if I get an AIO with mid-high end hardware it'll last me the same period, but with the added advantages of touch and convenience.

    'Ugly iMac' - there's tautology for you.

    <3 my old desktop, but I decided on an AIO some time ago when I realised that in four years I've only upgraded my HDDs and replaced a broken PSU/ODD. So far the Dell XPS 27 is at the top of my list and I was hoping ASUS would match it - unfortunately the only thing this machine has going for it over the Dell is looks. I'll sacrifice a bit of thickness for the ability to lie flat and better hardware at a lower price thanks! :P

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