Apple Tells Samsung How Much Its 10-Year HTC Licence Is Paying

Apple has been ordered to help Samsung's legal battles a little, with a court telling it to share full details of the 10-year settlement it struck with HTC recently. Only it's not going to be made public.

Apple has already sort of complied, providing Samsung with a heavily redacted version of the deal's terms that removes 33 words from the agreement. This cropped version of the text fails to show the financial details of the agreement between Apple and HTC, which is presumably the most critical part of it as far as Samsung is concerned.

Apple claims Samsung already agreed to accept this redacted version of the text, but Samsung has now won the right for the full text to be released to its lawyers ahead of a December 6 hearing in its ongoing case with Apple.

HTC recently denied it was paying Apple $US8 every time it sells an Android model, claiming the estimates were "outrageous". Samsung's lawyers will soon know the real number. [The Guardian]

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    The worst thing Apple could do was make the Windows Phone licensing fee seem reasonable.

    I love it how the article still implies HTC pays something at all. It's just as likley zero but the US Apple friendly press still keeps that implication there in order to make HTC seem culpable.

    If Steve Jobs returns from the dead then the Vatican can sue Apple for similarities to Jesus Christ and we will all get 2 Easters and more eggs. Yippie !

    Last edited 23/11/12 11:50 pm

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