Apple Australia's Black Friday Sale Is On Now

Apple doesn't bring you bargain shopping often, so when it does it's good to get in quickly. Apple is today celebrating Black Friday (a typically US-centric shopping day) with some sweet sales on iPads, Macs, iPods and various accessories. Let us round up all the deals for you here.

Angus over at Lifehacker prepared some delicious-looking tables earlier, so get scrolling and see what you can save.

iPad deals

Item Sale price Regular price Saving % Saving
iPad 16GB Wi-Fi $498 $539 $41 7.6%
iPad 32GB Wi-Fi $598 $649 $51 7.9%
iPad 64GB Wi-Fi $694 $759 $65 8.6%
iPad 4G 16GB $638 $679 $41 6.0%
iPad 4G 32GB $738 $789 $51 6.5%
iPad 4G 64GB $834 $899 $65 7.2%
iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi $398 $429 $31 7.2%
iPad 2 16GB 3G $538 $569 $31 5.4%

The iPad deals aren't terrible. A $40 saving will snag you a Smart Cover for free, for example, and once you factor in shipping from other cheap outlet stores, you're probably going to end up at this price anyway. Plus, Apple gives you free engraving, too.

MacBook deals

Item Sale price Regular price Saving % Saving
MacBook Pro 13in 2.5GHz $1,244 $1,349 $105 7.8%
MacBook Pro 13in 2.9GHz $1,584 $1,689 $105 6.2%
MacBook Pro 15in 2.3GHz $1,894 $1,999 $105 5.3%
MacBook Pro 15in 2.6GHz $2,394 $2,499 $105 4.2%
MacBook Pro Retina 13in 2.5GHz 128GB $1,794 $1,899 $105 5.5%
MacBook Pro Retina 13in 2.5GHz 256GB $2,094 $2,199 $105 4.8%
MacBook Pro 15in Retina 2.3GHz $2,394 $2,499 $105 4.2%
MacBook Pro 15in Retina 2.6GHz $3,094 $3,199 $105 3.3%
MacBook Air 11in 128GB $994 $1,099 $105 9.6%
MacBook Air 11in 256GB $1,144 $1,249 $105 8.4%
MacBook Air 13in 128GB $1,244 $1,349 $105 7.8%
MacBook Air 13in 256GB $1,584 $1,689 $105 6.2%

Again, the savings all over around the 8-10 per cent range, and that's something you can get knocked off the price with a decent haggle or a spot special at Dick Smith or JB Hi-Fi.

iPod deals

Item Sale price Regular price Saving % Saving
iPod Touch 32GB $298 $329 $31 9.4%
iPod Touch 64GB $398 $439 $41 9.3%
iPod Touch 4th Gen 16GB $194 $219 $25 11.4%
iPod Touch 4th Gen 32GB $254 $279 $25 9.0%
iPod Nano 16GB $158 $169 $11 6.5%

Same deal here: you can probably snag these types of prices at your local gadget retailer, but it's nice to have them direct from Apple for a change.

Other deals

Item Sale price Regular price Saving % Saving
AirPort Express Base Station $108 $119 $11 9.2%
AirPort Extreme Base Station $178 $199 $21 10.6%
Time Capsule 2TB $298 $319 $21 6.6%
Magic Mouse $64 $75 $11 14.7%
Magic Trackpad $64 $75 $11 14.7%
Apple Wireless Keyboard $64 $75 $11 14.7%
iPad Smart Case $44 $59 $15 25.4%
iPad Smart Cover (Polyurethane) $34 $45 $11 24.4%
iPad Smart Cover (Leather) $58 $79 $21 26.6%

The stand-out here is the 25 per cent off Smart Covers. Already I'm thinking about what colour I'd like...

You've got until 2am tomorrow to snap up a bargain.

[Apple via Lifehacker]



    They're barely savings. Walk in to JB hifi and ask them for a 'better price' and they'll give you that much off in many cases.

    Or wait for the 10% off that JB or Dick Smith do.

      Yeah I see better deals at other retailers on a regular basis, no specials or anything.

      Totally - the iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16GB is $398 at any department store that sells it. Apple's sale is a joke.

      Last edited 23/11/12 9:41 am

      Don't they normally chuck in a sneaky "Excludes all Apple Mac items" or something like that?

        Dick Smith often have 10% off Mac sales (across the board), for the stores that carry them. Not so much the iPads though, they're often excluded from tablet sales, I don't believe there's enough room to move on the iPad prices without some backing from Apple.

        Last edited 23/11/12 8:22 pm

    No iPad Mini discounts? Considering that one of the most vocal complaints has been the price, I thought they may have dropped a few dollars off to tempt people before Christmas.

      Except for the fact that everywhere is currently out of stock, it kinda makes sense to not drop the price.

        Good point, I didn't consider the stock situation.

      The Register reported that Apple were looking to give retailers a bigger cut, but you'll probably find prices stay stable at least for a bit. That said, they're really stingy with stock, they make more selling it directly obviously.

    What a joke, the only thing thats on sale is the leather ipad cover, and even that is overpriced

    it's not a bargain, it's an insult

      Why would you discount something that you can barely keep in stock?

      Suck it up, nerds.

      I get insulted by things like drone strikes but I guess your incredulousness is valid too.

    Hah hah hah, it funny when the Fanyboys stand up for a company that doesn't look after them.

    I agree this really isn't a massive saving, especially far a "Once a year super Black Friday Special"

    Wouldn't purchase another Apple product if you paid me. Why pay top dollar for middle of the range that's makes you buy things you don't really own ? Only thing Apple proved was that Americans are mindless consumers who Australians like to imitate.

    Last edited 23/11/12 10:19 pm

    Apple is a getting more dickheaded than it used to be before. Their sale is nothing short of a sorry story.

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