App Of The Day: Runtastic Fitness Collection

Runtastic makes a great app for running, and now it has released a couple of standalone fitness apps for sit ups, push ups, pull ups and squats.

What do they do?

Coaches you and lets you you set goals for those four exercises. Helps you your way up to doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 150 squats and 30 pull-ups.

Why do we like them?

100 push ups sounds almost unattainable. But with practice, it’s possible. These apps will get you there. Also, we’ve spent a lot of time stuck inside over the past couple of days what with the Hurricane screwing everything up, and could use a little physical activity.

Runtastic PullUps: $0.99, iOS/Free, Android Runtastic Squats: $0.99, iOS/Free, Android Runtastic SitUps: $0.99, iOS/Free, Android Runtastic PushUps: $0.99, iOS/Free, Android The best part: Voice coaching The worst part: That’s a lot of push ups, pull ups, etc.



    Sounds interesting but pity there all separate apps and not all rolled into one.

      Yeah seems a bit ridiculous to separate them out!

    Hmmm. Doesn't seem like you can delete your own comments, only edit them.

    Last edited 01/11/12 4:22 pm

    its free for android but paid for iOS
    now how is that fair?
    just because android users can easily pirate the apps so they get it for free???
    disappointed... Very...

    Last edited 01/11/12 7:02 pm

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