Anonymous Claims To Have Stolen 28,000 PayPal Passwords

Hacking collective Anonymous has claimed on Twitter that it has stolen around 28,000 user details from a server used by PayPal. It appears to include email addresses, names and associated passwords appearing on a selection of online sharing services.

However, as with some other recent Anonymous claims, the hack is being disputed by the attacked party. PayPal says it has no evidence of any sort of breach and is currently answering all enquiries with the line: "We're investigating this but to date we have been unable to find any evidence that validates this claim."

Still, today marked out as a kind of global hacking and protest day by Anonymous and its legion of followers, there might be more to come. US TV network NBC's site has already been ruined as part of this little online hack-a-thon. [TNW]

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Our newest offspring Gizmodo UK is gobbling up the news in a different timezone, so check them out if you need another Giz fix.



    We r leejun

    so what exactly is this a protest for??? or has the self proclaimed defenders of freedom finally decided crime pays more....

      My guess is that it is because of Guy Fawkes Day (they do wear Guy Fawkes masks after all).

    Twist: They didn't get the usernames

      Email addresses are paypal usernames???

        He's new to the internet, go easy on 'im.

          So what are you going to do with my email and password? Seems that if you release them all you have done is cause me an inconvenience as i now need to go change all my details.

    I thought they were supposed to be a lobby group, striking blows against targets that exhibit unethical behaviour. What the hell do they intend to accomplish by stealing Paypal passwords?

      Prove the System was vulnerable? Or perhaps they have been infiltrated by the Mexican Cartels they chickened out against.

    changed password just in case.

    Don't have a paypal account so don't care.
    I've said it before, will say it again.
    These guys are nothing more than a bunch of juvenile apes beating their chests to try to impress.
    Those guys want to impress me? Take on something with some actual bite to it.
    Let's see A-nonny-mouse take down Al-Qaida or the Taliban or the Mexican druggies, heck even the mafioso or the Yakuza.
    In other words, pick on someone who might actually pick back for a change.
    Then they'll have reason for the chest beating.
    Until then they can just keep dancing amongst the tulips, or whatever it is they actually CAN do.

    Anonymous aren't juvenile's. They are military employees who work for the government. It is so, one day the bankers can say you lost all your savings and blame anonymous. Then the bankers will say take the Mark Of The Beast!..... Scary but true.

    We should have to enter two passwords that are separated by a server countdown timer, and these two passwords should be stored on two seperate servers, which run different systems. It makes it much harder for a small group to hack.

    I know this is a pretty ironic comment, considering my username, but I'm really getting sick of hearing about AnonOps.

    Yes, we r leejun but anyone can claim they are leet haxors from Anonymous. You can't define who or what Anonymous is, so when you hear something about Anonymous, remember that. Anonymous is a reflection upon society, it has different currents, different agendas, different people and different rules. It is a hive, a culmination of everyone. No one is as evil as us all.

    Its against the rules to post as an anon, namefagging is for newfags and the handicapped echelon of Anonymous. So again, when you hear/read something about Anonymous, its not Anonymous, its newfags claiming they're Anonymous.

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