Android 4.2 Is Missing A Very Important Feature: December

Android 4.2 is pretty sweet. You've got your Photo Sphere Camera, and you've got your Gesture Keyboard. But there's one thing you might notice is missing: Android Jelly Bean 4.2 doesn't have the month of December.

Now that glaring absence isn't everywhere. Google Calender is still fine, for instance. The problem lies chiefly in the People app, where all important dates that fall during the month of December will be ignored, because, you know, December doesn't exist. With an omission this obvious and glaring (now that it's been found), you can bet an update to fix it will be coming soon. In the meantime, fellow Android users, we are living in a world without Christmas. Somewhere, the Grinch is dancing with his Nexus 4.

Thanks Robert!



    Just checked the takju build.. Yup missing. Sounds to me like someone screwed up their array counter

    Once again Google tries to one-up Apple. Delete two hours from a specific day? We'll delete an entire month!

    Or maybe Google's theory is that the world can't end on Dec 21 if there is no Dec 21

      :D hahaha thanks for the laugh!

    Somewhere someone that counts starting at zero is cursing the person that started counting at one :-)


      Happens to me all the time. I start at 0, everyone else starts at 1.

    Are there any skinned devices running android 4.2 out there yet? Or only Nexus?

    How long would it take for something like this to be fixed on a Sense or Touchwiz device usually?

      Depends where it is: If a presentation issue of the calender, probably wouldn't see it in another app. If a core bug in the calender, they'd be diving down into the belly of the source code to fix.

    And November has 31 days?

    The month of December has been squashed into a single day and tacked on the end of November :-)

      No, thats not how the dates work.

      January has 31, thus it has 31 days. If you roll over to a different month the number will change accordingly.

        Don't be silly, January only has 1 day.

          Exactly, and it follows that February has only 2 days.
          So by extrapolating that November is the 31st month.

    I've got a unofficial version running on my htc aria I wasn't able to replicate the glitch on

    "The problem lies chiefly in the People app, where all important dates that fall during the month of December will be ignored, because, you know, December doesn’t exist. "

    So the problem isn't ACTUALLY in Android. The problem is with a specific app.

    Misleading title is misleading?

      Everything on Android is an App, the dialler, web, 'people app', etc. Not misleading at all. This is on a pure Android device the "Google Nexus".

        The people app on my Nexus 7 (running 4.2) doesn't seem to have a calendar function at all (admittedly, I never use it, but looking through the app now I can't find it anywhere so it must be well hidden). And as the article says Google calendar is perfectly fine.

        It's the app. Not the operating system.

          you have to edit one of your contacts i just looked at my partners birthday and scrolled down no December. doesn't worry me though i tend to do my contacts through gmail or my phone.

            Ah yes. It really is buried in there.

            Nevertheless, my point still stands...the problem is with the people app, not the OS.

              Just like ios6 is fine. It's just an app that isn't perfect (maps).

              *admittingly both "apps" are made by the software/OS makers and are features of the standard OS. It's really just symantics

                I've personally never blamed iOS 6 for Apple maps. iOS has plenty of things wrong with it but that's not one of them.

                Though that deleting 2 hours out of a day thing was weird.

                  The people app is bundled with the OS so it's a part of the OS. But I'll 100% agree with you on the sensationalist title. It's not Android as a whole with the bug, it's just a part of the ppl app.

    Always something interesting on Android. Even if it is a silly mistake.

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