Afterglow: Better Filters And Editing For Your Instagram Photos

I'm impressed, mobile photography grasshopper. You've gotten pretty good at Instagram I see. Feeling limited by meager selection of filters? Afterglow will take you to the next level.

What does it do?

Afterglow gives you heaps of new Instagram-like filters plus basic editing tools you'll recognise from software like Adobe Lightroom. The 30 included filters are adjustable so you can adjust just how much "Raven" haze you'd like to put over your photo. There are 12 adjustment tools that allow you to tweak the shadows and saturation of you shot as well as cropping and transformation tools so you can make everything just right. Then, when you're done, the app exports right to Instagram. Your friends will be impressed.

Why do we like it?

After seeing the same old filters over and over and over again, well, we're bored. How many sepia-soaked lunches can you possibly endure before you decide to give up food altogether? Afterglow gives opens the door to a new world of stylised imagery.


Download this app for: iOS ($0.99) The best part: rad filters The worst part: overwhelming



    Nice to see alternative filter options (especially the sliders - less is more) but two key down sides to the app include:
    1. max save size is 2048 x 1536 which is smaller than the iPhone 4S image.
    2. Geo-tag information is not maintained meaning that an edited photo no longer has the EXIF data to allow location to be tagged easily.

    Until this app allows larger image edits to be saved I'll stick to similar edits with AnalogueColor and Snapseed, as both of these allow large images to be edited (larger than the max from the iPhone 4S).

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