123D Design: Create Incredible 3D Printed Designs On Your iPad

3D printing is so freaking cool, even the creators of Skyfall made a 3D printed Aston Martin just for the movie. You're probably not recreating a rare car for an upcoming blockbuster, but you can dream up your own crazy designs with 123D Design, an iPad app from Autodesk.

What does it do?

Lets you create 3D printable objects made off of templates or from your own imagination. You can actually print them, but you have to have an actual 3D printer.

Why do we like it?

My mind is consistently blown by the amazing things you can 3D print. For example, Mayor Mike Bloomberg used a pair of 3D printed scissors to cut the ribbon at the opening of New York City's new Shapeways facility. And they came out of the machine totally intact! And that gets you wondering what you can't 3D print. Now you can answer that question from the comfort of your iPad.

123D Design

Download this app for:

The Best:

3D printing is amazing

The Worst:

Need another kit to print

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