10 (Mostly) New Illusions To Kick-Start Your Brain This Morning

Still waking up? Consider this two-and-a-half minute collection of optical illusions a mental boot camp with Richard Wiseman serving as your overly pleasant drill sergeant.

Admittedly, some of these illusions are a little old. In fact, there's a good chance your grandparent's grandparents were befuddled by the rabbit/duck illustration. But there are still plenty of newer illusions that will leave your wondering why the human brain can be so easily fooled. [YouTube]


    I've seen all of these before. Therefore I win internet points and get to say "lol this isn't new" /s.
    These are always good, it's probably why they keep on popping up.

    I don't get the finger ones.

      It's actually because your muscles in those fingers are fairly weak, and as you're trying to keep them straight, the muscles slowly tire, those they just end up going to their original bent configuration, i.e. move close towards each other.

    I love these kinds of "tricks" very cool. Thanks for the article.

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