You Need A Tactical Chopstick Holster When You're Serious About Sushi

If sushimi and maki are subjects you take very seriously, check out this over-the-top chopstick holster from Brandon, the incredibly talented 17-year-old behind Vanguard Armament. It ensures your personal set of chopsticks is always close at hand for those quick-draw dining situations.

The holster is made from Kydex, a thermoplastic acrylic material that can be moulded when warm but hardens to a tough durable plastic that's often used to hold knives and guns. In this case, it's used to store a far less dangerous set of tools. At least 'less dangerous' as long as you're not a dragon boat full of raw fish.

[Vanguard Armanents via Neatorama via Everyday No Days Off]

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