WSJ: Apple Orders 10 Million iPad Minis From Chinese Suppliers

As excitement surrounding the launch of an iPad Mini grows, the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple isn't taking any chances when it comes to supplies: component manufacturers have told the newspaper that Apple has ordered a staggering 10 million units for delivery in the fourth quarter.

To put that in perspective, the suppliers have pointed out that the figure is roughly double that placed by Amazon for the Kindle Fire this time last year. Looks like plenty of stockings could be home to an iOS tablet over the holidays.

The report doesn't offer up any more information, but there are some details of which we're quietly confident: you can probably expect a 7.85-inch display that's not quite retina and the same guts as the iPad 2. One big questions remains though: just how much will it cost?

The current best-guess is that Apple will announce the new tablet mid-October, so we probably don't have to wait long before we find out. [WSJ]



    And to be on the safe side, they are having them built with no camera, (to advoid purple flare in photos), No GPS (to avoid people getting lost with there maps), No 3g/4g LTE connecters (to avoid people being charged for data they aren't using), they will only be available in plastic (to avoid people getting paint poison from nicked and scratched paint work) and the list goes on.

    10 million tweeny 'Dead on arrival' iProducts. Sweet.

    I know they'll sell millions of these things but c'mon people... How many Apple products do you need?

      Four, maybe five.

    I will wait until the 4th generation iPad to consider getting a tablet. It will be interesting to see what the Android side have available at that time. The most important thing for me is the resolution and that is the only reason I'm leaning towards an iPad.

    Steve would not be happy.

      Yeah, Steve would be so pissed that they will probably sell all 10 million of those in a month. He'd be outraged!

      Markets change, Steve knew that.

    there will be 10 million happy Apple fans. and that is all apple need.

    I'm not sure what specific market this is appealing to!! It would probably suck like all first gen apple products.

    Just update the iMacs already!

    five bucks says it will come with lightning, and earpods the "same glass lens" as the iphone

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