Windows Phone 8 Handsets Announced So Far

Microsoft officially launched Windows Phone 8 today, and we happen to think it's pretty darn good. Here's a rundown of all the latest information we've got about the Windows Phone 8 handsets available from HTC, Nokia and Samsung very soon.

Note: We've listed the Aussie telcos for each device below, but keep in mind that you'll also be able to purchase the phones outright at retail.


Key specs: 1.5GHZ dual-core Qualcomm S4, 1GB RAM, 130g, 132.4mm x 66.2mm x 10.1mm, 1800mAh.

Australian carrier: Telstra

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Key specs: 1GHZ dual-core Qualcomm S4, 512MB RAM, 113g, 120.5mm x 63mm x 10.28mm, 1700mAh.

Australian carrier: Telstra and Optus

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Nokia Lumia 820

Key specs: 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm S4, 1GB RAM, 160g, 123.8mm x 68.5mm x 9.9mm, 1650mAh.

Australian carrier: Optus and Vodafone

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Nokia Lumia 920

Key specs: 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm S4, 1GB RAM, 185g, 130.3mm x 70.8mm x 10.7mm, 2000mAh.

Australian carrier: Telstra exclusive at launch

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Samsung Ativ S

Key specs: 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm S4, 1GB RAM, 135g, 137.2mm x 70.5mm x 8.7mm, 2300mAh.

Australian carrier: Optus

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We'll keep you posted as we get additional information.



    Dates and carriers please. I dropped into my local Vodaphone store a few minutes ago and they didn't even know the OS was being launched today.

      were they too busy browsing the wanted ads?

        The 2 girls actually seemed really perky - likely they had no idea what is going on behind the scenes. Afterall if they don't know what is going on with the product they sell everyday we can't expect them to know anything about the business they work for.

      Telstra has announced their pricing for the 920.

    So the min specs for WP8 is now dual 1.5GHz and 1Gb RAM?

      Nope, HTC 8s is 1ghz with 512 RAM, they haven't even announced any "low end" devices yet.

        So min specs is still the same as WP7 min specs then?


    Lumia 820 ticks the most boxes for me - 4G and microSD being the main ones. The screen is only the same res as my current phone but that's fine by me as it looks sensational anyway. I've come to the realisation that expecting a 3.7" 4G phone is a forlorn hope so I will bite the bullet and go for something bigger if I have to.

    Another key aspect of the new Lumias is that Nokia will have a range of interesting accessories for them, including a JBL speaker with wireless charging - just sit the phone on top of the speaker and it starts charging - and support for NFC pairing and Bluetooth streaming. That sort of thing will make iPod docks look pretty clunky, especially when everyone has to use an adapter to support their Lightning connector.

    Last edited 30/10/12 10:22 am

      Does the Nokia charge conventionally too, or is it only through wireless?

        There are cables if you want wired charging. The standard is wired charging I believe with wireless accessories available for extra.

          Correct, wireless charging costs extra.

            I thought the 920 had wireless included with the phone?

              I gather they're talking about the chargers... which are sold separately.

        They all have USB so expect the cable as a fallback option to continue.

      Surprised you're not getting the 920, although I can see how microSD is the deal breaker.

        Personally I'm happy with NAND only, as long as a device has a minimum of 32gb onboard.

      :--[ no cyan 920. I suppose red is nice too, but ... cyan!

      Yeah, I really wish we could go back to smaller screens too. But since there's nothing even in high-midrange around 3.5" (iOS devices excepted :P) I may as well go all out and grab the 920!

      I can totally relate to wanting microSD, but ... dat screen and camera!

      be interesting to see if the micros SD cards on WP8 devices works seamlessly or whether you will constantly have to choose which drive what goes on, would be nice to have the option for the software to manage it so you just have one big drive to use.

    Can we update this one with outright prices as the come available? Maybe even who has the best deal on it?

    I'm a big Nokia fan, but no FM transmitter... that was a great function of my N series. Just jump in the car and tune your radio into the phone and BAM! music.

      Bluetooth in cars is faily common now however, or an FM transmitter from JB is only $30.

    Damn that 820 and 8X purple is sexy.. Shame its not available for the 920.

    Anyone know about the audio on the HTC and the Nokia?

    I had the HD7 and it came with Sound Enhancer

    Now I have a Nokia Lumia 800, no sound enhancer, so the audio and audio options just isn't as good

    I know the HTC will have Beats by Dre, but that doesnt automatically make the audio better, Beats by Dre is most likely tuned specifally to Pop music and Hip Hop without the ability to change

    I am most likely just being really cynical, but playing music on my daily commute is one of the top things I do with my phone

    I loved my HTC, and the Lumia ain't so bad, but that drop in audio quality sucks

      I'd assume the Beats by Dre gives a better Bass Output? I'm not sure either, you'd have to talk to a One X owner I guess.
      But yeah, I am using HTC 7 Trophy right now and the SRS enhancement really is music to my ears. I can't really go back listening to my ipod afterwards and I am contemplating whether to get the 920 or 8x and the audio plays some factor in this.

        See man that is my dilemme, audio plays a factor in the choice of the new phone, and I just feel the Lumia doesn't cut it

        Dude, just a heads up, I found this in a review of the One X "As for the Beats Audio branding, it refers to an inbuilt audio processing option – an EQ setting essentially. Turn it on and audio and music generally does come to life that bit more but we're still suspicious of quite what HTC is doing here, as the default mode sounds blinkin' awful."

        Sounds like it won't be a problem, but I will be doing more research

    HTC 8X will be on Vodafone.
    Went to the vodafone windows phone launch last night.

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