Windows 8 Launches In Australia

After months of previews, reviews, analysis and much hand-wringing from Microsoft, the next-generation of Redmond's flagship operating system -- Windows 8 -- finally launched to the public. Here's how the whole affair went down.

Around 50 people crowded around a stage in Sydney last night for the midnight launch of Windows 8. Balloons and colourful streamers decked the Harvey Norman concept store as Gerry Harvey, flanked by Harvey Norman's head of computing Ben McIntosh, spoke about the upcoming first sale of Windows 8.

Customers who were there to buy had filled out forms and went into a raffle to win the prize of being the first person in Australia to buy a copy of Windows 8, and a sweet prize: a Toshiba ultrabook worth around $1700.

At the stroke of midnight, Gerry Harvey sold the first copy of Windows to the lucky winner and handed over "a little gift" of the ultrabook.

Microsoft managing director Pip Marlow watched on as the clock passed midnight and much hugging took place between Gerry and the lucky winner.

Gerry commented that it had been his first sale in a store in 20 years.

The dust is now settling in Harvey Norman's Alexandria store, and we'll be bringing you full coverage of the Windows 8 launch events happening around the world and here in Australia in the coming hours.



    Is it just me or is that video cringeworthy?

    Anyway I preordered my copy from Harvey Norman online, probably pick it up after work.

    Woo, we won the Nokia N900, cheers Gerry

    Windows 8 is actually a lot of fun. Got a friend who was a bit of a downer about it and he's put it on his little media PC. The 'metro' UI looks great at high res and is very responsive. He's got an Xbox 360 as well and is pretty excited about future kinect integration with it.

    As for me I have a Sony Vaio that's still running Vista. A $40 upgrade seems like a pretty good deal to me.

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    Like Jurassic Park, it's always entertaining when dinosaurs team up like this.

    "Gerry commented that it had been his first sale in a store in 20 years."

    Doesn't he do the same thing for every Windows launch?

    How much is windows 8 if you're not updating and want to buy it for a new PC?

      LOL, I can't find the answer to this either!
      Is the full version not available yet, as it's not even on MS site.

      The article clearly says no aus price on standalone yet.

        Really? I just reread it and then did a search for "standalone" and no hits..
        Maybe I'm blind.
        When will they be available? Are they due out today or 3 months? there should be some info on it somewhere I would have thought...

          It's $39 from the Microsoft website (.au) or $69 retail with a disk.

            That's the upgrade still, microsoft are silent on standalones atm.

            That's for the upgrade. If you don't have a qualifying product you need the System Builder version, which is retailing for about $150 in some stores currently.

    At least wear a tie Gerry! A bit shameful when your staff look more professional than you.

    You look like you just rolled out of bed.

      That's cuz he did lol

    Someone really needs to go onto ABC news breakfast to talk about this!

    What store was this? I went to Moore Park Super Centre, assuming that was the "Alexandria" store (and because it's only one set of lights from home) and I was the only customer there. Man, that shop is huge and the range of PCs they have is massive - easily the biggest I've ever seen in one store.

      No, this is in Alexandria, the Moore park is a different store.

      494-504 Gardeners Road, Alexandria NSW 2015, I think Alexandria is bigger than Moore park one but I could be wrong.

    Why does that first photo look like Jerry is giving a free copy to someone about to head into surgery?

    Gerry: Yes you can have the first copy of Windows 8 but you are still gunna have to pay the normal rate, an arm and a leg. Doctors, get amputating.

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