Will You Buy An iPad Mini?

They are coming. They are smaller. They are certainly a nice addition to anyone's Apple product family.

It seems like the kind of person who would want an iPad in general probably already has one of the existing models. So how will you justify forking over a few hundred for a second and tinier version?


    It will be very interesting to see how competitive Apple are on price with these things. With the benchmark being set at US$200 for a really good 7" jobbie, I think they will struggle.

      An interesting question. I've seen people point out that between the current price of the regular iPad, and the iPod touch, there isn't much room. But then Apple does things their own way. Will be very interesting to see.

      Android tabs at 7" maybe.. $200 to $250.. but not an Apple device. I'm predicting at least $100 more.. so around the $300 to $350 range and that would still be competitive given Apple's marketing ability and the fact that there are a lot of people who do want an iPad but can't afford the extravagence of even an iPad 2.

      While many people are basing their predictions based on the price of a "new iPad" and the price of the latest generation iPod Touch.. I don't think that will be as much of a decider, other than clearly being cheaper than the iPad.

      Anything more than a $399 pricetag is going to be a hard sell, that's for sure.

    So will it be a bigger Galaxy Note or a smaller Galaxy Tab...? I am starting to lose track ;-)

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    Price is going to be the decider- I hope Apple know that (and care enough)... They need it to be cheap if they want to sell millions. My whole decision on weather I get one or just a current model iPad will depend on the price

      It's Apple. There's no question they will ignore the whole price point, that's my belief anyway. They want to make users believe that they're putting quality, and care into their products over making executive decisions not to put in a back camera to cut cost. One budget tablet made the small decision NOT to add the back camera, smartest decision ever.

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        It's hard to tell. Sometimes, they ignore what's considered reasonable price and yet sell out (original iPhone launch). Other times, they come in with price being the main (or A main) factor (original iPad launch, Apple TV).

        Unpredictable buggers in some ways.

    I doubt I will be buying one myself, but I will be probably be promoting it pretty heavily to my clients.

      cool story bro

        Thanks. I probably shouldn't say anything, but I am in talks with Michael Bay about a movie adaptation. Early days but if all goes well it should be in cinemas Christmas 2014.

    Well considering the iPad has always been quite affordable and has mostly (with the exception of the Nexus 7, although it is a smaller form factor) led the market on price I think (hoping) it will come in around the $300 mark in which case it will be very tempting. It would be great to use as a control interface in a modified car dash.

      I guess affordability is relative to the purpose the "thing" is for. Certainly $650 to $850 is affordable in the grand scheme of things.. but when it's not for productivity and is limited by what it can do and be, that price tag becomes less and less justifiable. The Netbook fad showed that you could make a whole laptop for less than $500.. and at that price point, with all of its ability and lack of limitation, it is very affordable. However, when you take something else that is limited in its use and that use does not fit within your normal daily use, it becomes less affordable.

      I just ordered an iPad 3 myself.. I don't really like Apple as a company but the iPad 3 now fits within my needs and desires.. back in March, when it was released, it didn't fit.. and it was not affordable. When the first iPad and the second gen iPad came out, it was the same. I've owned an iPod Touch since 2009.. and still use it daily.. even then, the $330 price tag I paid seemed a bit steep for what I considered it to be..

      For the masses, affordability is a little different to the gadget consumer.

    I thought I already had an iPad mini... Had one for years... it's called an iPhone ;)

      I thought the iPod Touch was also known as the iPad Nano?

        Nah.. there's the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic. All different beasts.

        While the Nano does have a little touch screen, it's not really meant for apps or games etc. The iPod Touch on the other hand is basically an iPhone without the phone. Same size, same capabilities (sans phone) and so on.

          I think Luke was having a joke calling it an "iPad" Nano. But thanks for the lesson on "iPod" names, I'm sure most Gizmodo readers would not have known that otherwise. P.S. that was sarcasm. Thought I better spell it out for you.

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    I actually keen on W8 tablet instead of iPad mini, I already have iPad 3

    I'm a student, and I would consider getting one in order to entertain myself during breaks as well as take notes during lectures and lessons. This looks like the highly portable iPad that everyone's been begging Apple for.

    Nope, 7 inch tablets are DOA aren't they? Hypocrites...

    great, i'll add 'ipad mini' to the list of what random people on the train ask me i have (nook, kindle, ereader) while i hold my N7 *sigh*

    Nope, will never own a 7 incher. In my mind if you have a usable phone size you don't need a 7" tablet. 10" is a far more usable size and seeing as neither is going to fit in a pocket, and both will fit in a bag, I see 10" as far better option. For me phone optimum 4.3-4.8", tablet 10", desktop 20"+.

    Can anyone tell me what grade sand paper I need to purchase in order to use the iPad mini or does it come with a sheet in the box?

    I'll probably get one when I start learning Objective C next year, I think it's fair for urging one of my TAFE iChums to buy a Nexus 7. At least he has Google maps still.

    What - another Apple? If this is the M (medium), iphone, the S (small), ipad the L (large), what's the XL (extra large) going to be? How many sizes of the same product do people need? Will there be an XXL (extra extra large) for the 'plus sized' person?

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