Why Fat People Can’t Help Getting Even Fatter

Why Fat People Can’t Help Getting Even Fatter
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Put down those bear claws. No, both of them! Researchers at Trinity College Dublin have found that once you’re fat, you’re probably just going to get fatter.

They found that the body has invariant natural killer T-cells (iNKT) that help fight obesity and can prevent metabolic syndrome, which in some cases leads to diabetes and heart disease. But they also discovered that people who are portly have lower levels of these immunities — meaning your body will shield you from packing on the pounds, but once you cross a certain threshold, it pretty much says screw it.

However, it’s not exactly a point of no return. The Trinity College team noticed a return of iNKT cells for individuals who underwent gastric bypass surgery. So the good news is, there’s a way to kick those fat fighters back into high gear. Another form of potbelly offensive strategy is alpha-galactosylceramide (aGC), a lipid that is likewise capable of reviving these dormant anti-pudge soldiers. Provided of course, that diet and exercise are also involved. And there is a bright spot — these cells could be used as another weapon against diabetes and other obesity-related ailments. Or hey, maybe use this as justification for that third bear claw. Once you go fat, you never go back. [AlphaGalileo via Geekosystem]

Image: Zubarev/Shutterstock