Which Is The Most Pirate-Friendly College In America?

Being in college is mostly about torrenting things. You learn and flirt and imbibe and have a much more awkward time doing it than you thought you would, sure, but your time is predominantly spent torrenting movies and music and other stuff that doesn't belong to you. And here are the 50 colleges that do it the most.

TorrentFreak rounded up the top 50 schools in the country, according to ScanEye — a service that monitors a massive number of torrents. ScanEye tracked the IPs of anything that headed back to a college campus. The numbers aren't the total number of torrenters, obviously, but they're a wide enough sampling to serve as a sort of Piracy Nielsen rating.

Here's a screenshot of the top 15 schools, and you can click over to TorrentFreak for the rest of the top 50.

[TorrentFreak via CNET]

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