What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Of all the households signing up for the NBN, what percentage of them are taking up the highest speed available? Do the figures point to the Opposition's concerns that nobody needs 100Mbps? The results might surprise you...

As 165,800 new homes and businesses prepare in the next 12 months to get the National Broadband Network at their premises, a report has emerged saying that 44 per cent of those currently signed up to the NBN are opting for the highest speed tier.

That number came from NBN Co's chief communications officer who fronted a Senate Estimates hearing this week. He went on to add that over 32,000 homes had been passed by the high-speed fibre already and it would be tough to tell if that figure would continue to grow.

Meanwhile, Senator Steven Conroy has assured folks that their back to base alarm systems will work when their copper line disappears, and Huawei continues to object to its NBN contract ban.

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