Welcome To The New Look Gizmodo

We've been doing some things behind the scenes here at Gizmodo over the last few months that we think you're really going to love. So, without further ado: welcome to the new-look Gizmodo Australia -- your newly-renovated home for the best tech and online content on the world wide web. Here's what's new.


Thanks to the exceptional efforts of our tech team, we've finally rolled out membership! You can now log in to Gizmodo and leave your comments with your own unique ID and avatar.

Membership has its privileges. As a member, you can have your own unique ID registered to your email address for commenting across Gizmodo, Kotaku and Lifehacker, you can have your own avatar, your own profile, and you can also edit and report comments.

You can still leave comments as an unregistered user of the site, but to report and edit comments, you'll need to be registered.

Registration is at the top right hand side of every page on Gizmodo. The tech team has done everything possible to make registration as easy as falling off a log. You'll notice a few things when you go to sign up, including your username.

We're making usernames act like Twitter handles (the only difference is that you can't change it after it is first set). That means they have an @ in front of them. We're doing this so that when we roll out Notifications in your user profile, you will more easily be able to see who is talking to you, about you and with you.

You can also select a display name, primary email address and change newsletter options once you log into your new User Profile

User Profiles

Once you've completed your registration, you'll be given your own profile. Exciting!

On your profile you'll see your pretty face, your @username, display name and your primary email address.

You'll also notice Newsletters and Special Offers. We're working on these right now, so you won't see any content come through for a little while. Tick them if you're interested in getting a newsletter from any of the three sites though, and you'll be the first to get the newsletters when they come around.

Related email addresses is something you'll need to fill out if you've ever commented on Gizmodo, Kotaku or Lifehacker with any other email address than the one you're using. By inputting that information, you'll take ownership of these comments into your new user profile across the sites.

Head over to your profile page and edit it so you can configure your avatar and display name. Then just start commenting!

New Design

We've thrown open the curtains, cleared off the dust and given everything around the site a major spruce. It's the Gizmodo you know and love, just with more funky fresh thrown in. You'll notice immediately a new font all over the page, an updated top category bar and an updated carousel. There's loads of other smaller tweaks in there for you to see and enjoy, but those are the major ones. For example: go and log-in or leave a comment and look at the fancy bar that drops down. Very sexy.

This is the first step in a long journey of cool additions coming to Gizmodo. Membership is the base platform we're installing so that we can give you some more great stuff in future. Watch this space!

Image: Stuart Addelsee



    Like Luke said, we're just starting out. More advanced membership and commenting features will come in due course.

    For the moment, go upload your avatar on your profile page and join me in high fiveing Ben White and Rob Hussey in our tech team.

    Nice one guys!

      Do you plan to bring forums ?

        I plan on bringing a forum to a gunfight in lieu of a knife. Make of that what you will.

    I thought it looked very twitter bootstrap-ish.

    Well, it appears to be working just fine. Good job!

    Is there a way to view the site with the old font ? I preferred it over this one. Easier to read, which is important to me.

      Yeah, the new font is much more difficult to read than the old font. Hopefully they roll that little CSS line back

      You could use Greasemonkey to change the CSS, if you feel up to it.

    The look is good. The only good functionally added for membership is the ability to edit comments, imo.

      We'll be adding more niceness as we go. We'll keep you updated.

    Please tell me you've removed all Flash and have gone more towrds HTML5

    Ok Account created.
    Visual updates look good.
    Does this mean the ability to save articles for reading later?
    If so will we be able to tag them or place them in folder?

    Excellent!! Been waiting on this for years :-)

    Well done guys!

    Hopefully this will apply to Kotaku and other sites under Allure media aswell.

      It does. We even had some Beta testing of the changes on Kotaku.

        You lucky ducks, @inquisitorsz! I've been living with it for a few weeks now and immediately fell in love. We hope you guys like it too. And @Gaz, yes, all the Allure tech sites (Giz, Lifehacker, Kotaku) have been spruced sweet new comment features.

          Rendering and scrolling is quite jittery on the iPad (3). Just sayin'...

    To be honest, I don't like the new font. Registering now :)

    Hmmm... still no mobile site :-(

      We're evaluating what we're going to do with the mobile site. Right now though, we've just updated desktop. One thing at a time :)

    Well played stealing a graphic from the opening credits of Doctor Who (circa 1986) for the image.

    Not the biggest fan of the new font. I've tried a few different resolutions, but its hard to read and it shows up pretty poorly in Chrome on Windows XP.

    Essentially looks the same to me. There were a lot of errors and database issues this morning. Cool looking error 503 over capacity and 404 not found errors though.

    Using a Mac and nearly pooped myself seeing a BSOD.

      I noticed the same, but they censored my quite rational comments about it. Gizmodo can't wait to slam Apple for map bugs, but any well founded criticizm of Gizmodo obviously goes into the authoritarian book burner.

        Not sure what you're talking about, but yay, go you!

        don't ever give up fighting the good fight, steve f. No quarter! One day we'll throw off the shackles of Gizmodo and be free to go to any tech blog we like!

      oh my, the 404 is LOVELY! :D

        Too right, @olearymo. I've never been happy to see the site go down before. Now that we've all seen it, though, here's to it never going down again...

    Also not a huge fan of the font.

    I just can't wait for notifications.

      + 1 for the font dislike. A little too narrow and hard to read. My eyes are fine and yes I did get lots of sleep last night.

        I must be the only one who likes the font. Does that make me sad or hipster? Or both? Is there a difference?

          I don't mind the font either, but I haven't tried it on my tablet or smartphone yet.

    The renovations appear to have broken the RSS feed. All the links in the feed refer to http://feeds.gizmodo.com.au/GizmodoAustralia.

      Thanks for the heads up, we're working on fixing as I type this. Sorry about that.

    The login screen needs a little work.. need to add the labels for the input fields.. it should be obvious what goes where of course.. but the label should still be there :)

    Also noticed the registration page is missing the "password" input field label as well.. so still a little bit of sprucing up needs to be done.

    Love the new abilities to edit and also keep track of my own comments more easily. Looking forward to seeing new things come.. like maybe the ability to follow certain posts from a side panel for example.

    looks pretty good guys. also not a fan of the new font. probably get used to it over time though.

    Sweet, got my account in before the other Rhys imposter did!

      Which one are you? I got my name too, I would have preferred Matt, but it was taken :(

      From work I can't log on due to HTTPS not being authorised for the domains proxy, and guest didn't work either :( Saddest panda

        THANKS! Don't know if it was you guys or someone on the security team likes gizmodo, but Guest works and I can log on at work now. Sweet.

    A couple of things, since the start of the new theme the regulars and top stories boxes don't work anymore on Firefox and windows 7.

    Im not sure if its correlated to signing up to Gizmodo last week but i seem to be getting a lot more spam in my inbox but Gizmodo is the only thing i signed up for last week.

      Heya Luke.
      - The regulars and top stories boxes work for me in FF + Win 7. Make sure the page is fully loaded.
      - Also, there's absolutely no way the spam is from your signing up. Even if you elected to receive "exclusive discounts, special offers and competitions from our partners" (and trust me, we've got some cool stuff planned) -- it'll be clearly marked and all above board.

        Thanks, i the regulars box is an issue with Ghostery and Adblock +, when i disable both of them the box works but of one or both are enabled it stops working again.

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