Watch This Bridge Destroying Dozens Of Trucks And Buses

Truckers of the world! No matter how many times you try it, no matter how much you duck inside your cabin as get through it, no matter how strongly you believe the warning signs don't apply to you, your vehicle is never going to be able to survive an encounter with Durham's 11-foot 8-inch tall bridge.

This satisfying video is proof of it.

According to, this train trestle is 100 years old, so it was built at a time" when there were no standards for minimum clearance." They are not raising it because the Norfolk Southern Railroad doesn't care: it's their bridge and the only thing they want is to guarantee the safety of their trains. "As far as they are concerned, they solved that problem by installing the crash beam," 11foot8 says. Any potential solution -- like raising the bridge or lowering the road -- is too expensive to be worth it.

The city of Durham installed warning sings along the three blocks that precede the bridge, but the imbeciles still keep ramming into it once every month on average. Oh well, thanks for the show, stupid! [11foot8 via Prochan via Roger Ebert]


    Warning sings eh? What do they do, play Justin Bieber's latest hit louder and louder the closer you come?

      Actualy there is a lazer beam up the road at the height of the bridge. If you break that beam, the lights on the warning sign infront of the bridge flash. The word on the sign are to the effect of "Dude you aint gona fit under this bridge" to which the drivers either ignore it or decide to say "Challenge accepted".

        It's like they say, "I don't believe you! I'll make it! Lasers are always inaccurate!" Then the bridge is all like, "Fuck you! I'm a can opener!"

    "Any potential solution — like raising the bridge or lowering the road — is too expensive to be worth it"

    In most cases it looks like 3-4 inches is all they need, 100m of road, surely it wouldn't cost that much to fix. Atleast they should install those hanging chains 50m before the bridge so it bangs the roof hard enough for the driver to think "oh shit" the roof.

      The 3-4 inch thing doesn't work because there will always be more cretins to keep on going through and smashing their trucks. Making the gap a bit wider would only encourage more of these fools to try their luck.
      I agree with the chains though... but it'd probably only save about 15% of these oblivious kings of the road.

    You cannot ever put a price on bureaucracy! Priceless.

    I don't see why they should lower the road or raise the bridge. I'm sure there are alternate routes that these nimrods are too lazy to take. Besides, I found this entertaining.

    Most drivers wouldn't hear the chains over engine noise and radios/music. Besides most of those trucks would probably hit them hard enough to throw shratnel onto the cars behind. Would you want bits of chain falling onyour vehicle? I completely fail to understand how anyone can miss the flashing lights a few feet above their cabin and just a few more above their eyesight. They say ingnorance is bliss, these drivers must be orgasmic.

    Yup to lazy to take the alternative routes. We have low bridges around my way. Some even have the bang chains as suggested by mooner but still the clowns think they know better and end up with a rather large bill at the end of the day. Idiot proofing the world is not the answer.

    THIS happens close to footsray station, near Footscray Police all the time.

    Not only should they leave the bridge there, Durham council should install several a high definition cameras and lots of microphones. Such hilarious entertainment deserves to be enjoyed in high definition.

    "So Mr Truck what would you like today?"
    "Ehhh a little of the top"

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