Watch Hurricane Sandy Slam The US East Coast Via These 5 Live Webcams

So you want to watch the vicious Hurricane Sandy do her thing, but you don't actually want to be out there in the thick of it. In this Internet age, there's still a chance for you to get your voyeuristic jollies. Here are five live-streaming webcams you can use to watch the storm roll in.

The New York City Harbor Cam - Poised on the torch balcony of the Statue of Liberty, this cam provides HD video (and sound) of the Manhattan skyline and New York Harbor.

The Brooklyn Bridge Cam - This HD streaming cam provides live footage of -- what else -- an aerial view of the Brooklyn Bridge, which spans the East River.

The Atlantic City NJ Cam - This one seems to be under a bit of a heavy load, but when it comes through, it provides a great, up-close view of the surf on the beach at Atlantic City.

The Wildwood NJ Cam - This webcam shows a view of the Wildwoods sign on the Jersey Shore. This one is a bit choppier than the others, but still has a good vantage point.

And lastly, here is a livestream from the Atlantic City Club Casino, New Jersey, with a nice view of the ever-more-tubulent surf. Be glad you're behind you're computer, and not in front of these cameras.

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    It's not disaster porn, it's scientific curiosity.

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