Unfortunately, This House Is Not Actually Made Out Of Marshmallows

This building looks like it could be home to the Stay Puft marshmallow man. In reality, it's the recently remodelled visitors' centre of the Synagogue de Delme Contemporary Art Centre, a gallery in France.

Dubbed Gue(ho)st House as a nod to the Marcel Duchamp-invented phrase, "A Guest + a host = a ghost", it served a garden variety of purposes before it was redesigned with a ghostly costume — it was a funeral home, a school, and a prison house. A couple of French artists covered it in its stark white coat of polystyrene and paint for its new look. Just stare at it. You can just imagine the Ghostbusters character walking out the front door with his briefcase for the work day. He waves to his next door neighbour, the Michelin man. [Deezen]

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