Tim Cook: 'We Would Never Make A 7-Inch Tablet'

Moments ago in Apple's earnings call, Tim Cook uttered something that is frankly stunning in its obliviousness: "We would not make one of the seven-inch tablets."

Let me be clear. We would not make one of the seven-inch tablets. We don't think they're good products, and we would never make one. Not just because it's seven inches but for many reasons. One of the reasons, however, is size.

Cook goes on to say that "The difference in just the real-estate size between the the 7.9 (almost 8) versus the 7 is 35 per cent. And when you look at the usable area, it's much greater than that. It's from 50 to 67 per cent." What is this "usable area", exactly? Is he talking about the back of it? Like, it's a solid surface you can use when you need to sign checks? And how you add 0.9 inches and come away with 67 per cent more usable area is a conundrum that will have mathematicians scratching their heads for aeons to come. Then he goes on:

"iPad mini is a fantastic product," he continues, throwing back another stiff drink. "It's not a compromised product like the 7-inch tablets. It's in a whole different league."

Are. You. Kidding. Me. You just made a 7.9-inch tablet, and you're dissing 7-inch tablets as compromised? Not only that, as we showed earlier, your 7.9-inch tablet has far fewer pixels than the competing 7-inch tablets! You're cramming a worse screen in there, charging more and accusing others of compromise? Ballsy.



    So a CEO of a company made outlandish comments about their product that didn't really make a lot of sense during an earnings call. What a shocker.

    Of course he's going to say other 7 inch tablets are crap, he's talking to shareholders.

      But he didn't just say "other 7 inch tablets are crap", he said ALL 7" tablets are crap.

        He said other 7" tablets are crap because they lack that extra 0.9"

        An extra .9 inches can make a heap of difference according to Tim. Maybe he just got a penis enlargement?

          It's about calculating the area.
          Technically, the area of their screen is likely a significant percentage higher than a smaller tablet.
          http://www.displaywars.com/7,9-inch-4x3-vs-7-inch-16x10 <- Maths.

            Yep, a square being the highest. Regardless of which it's still pretty crappy CEO smack talk.


          ROFL.... everyone at Apple can afford one, we have given them enough cash to do so..

          It becomes 7 inches when you run a widecreen movie on your 4:3 iPad mini! I have an intenal monolouge running in my head as to how Jony Ive would promote the black bars as something revolutionary and how visualy stunning they are. How remarkably refined they are and how they took black to new depths of distinsion thats never seen before in a tablet device. Bringing a new way to enjoy movies.

          For some reason I have 3 notifications for this comment that just won't go away. I've read all of the replies 10 times.

    Mwahaha.. this article made me laugh. He had to justify it somehow.. and this is classic Apple backpedalling in action.

    Gets some big magnets and stick them next to Steve Jobs grave. He's spinning so fast you could power most of San Francisco.

      Funniest thing Ive read all day.

    Its what's called "spin" (or "lying" to the rest of us).

    Apple are always full of S**T. Lie lies and more lies, or is that patents patents and more patents, or it could even be, buy more companies, buy more companies cause we can't do our own stuff

    Apple saying something stupid, what else is new? This shouldn't be surprising coming from the company that uses the word "magical" in it's advertising.

    Was he drunk or high.
    Must have been one or the other because all that was pure nonsense.

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    During launch of iPad mini, he bashed Galaxy Nexus 7 so badly that he wants ppl think that Nexus 7 is made by some company without thinking.. During the financial report, he also bashed Surface, which most likely he has not played with it yet.. Haiz..

    Tim Cook has clearly had no involvement in the ipad mini development. Either that or he is indeed on drugzzz

    What annoys me is that some apple fanboy is already running around telling everyone that the ipad mini is "in a whole different league" and that $130 extra for 0.9 inches is actually a bargan.

    Man Tim Cook must be smoking some gooooood shit. I imagine it was something like this...


    Is this a news piece or opinion piece?

    Lol. Tim Cook is a tool.. the God of all tools following him and his fruitty logo.

    Over the past couple of weeks its become clear that the post Steve Jobs apple is starting to lose the grip it once had on the pulse. First the failure of apple maps and now releasing a tablet that has a processor from 2 generations ago and a below average screen. << Two products that would have never made it to market if Mr Jobs were still alive.

    How much longer do you think people will fall for apples marketing language .. statements like "its in a whole different league" are just ludicrous .. I think the boys at cupertino need to lay off the spiked cool aid for just a bit and come to the realization that stamping an apple logo on the back of a product will soon not be enough for customers to fork out their cash.

      Agree... exactly what I think too

      Where is the Apple innovation and that point of difference for paying the Apple Tax?

    Errr... Rant much?

    Crap smack talk from CEOs is aways funny, but I suppose he's talking about the space you get from the difference in aspect ratios. The closer you get to a square the more real estate you get. Smeh, my Nexus 7's 16:9 screen is just fine thanks. Personally I think the iPad mini is just a way to make a long long life out of the iPad 2 chipsets & suck more money out of previous/potential iPod touch owners.

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      yep, the A5 and the A6 are their own chipsets, they might just push the iPad Mini to other areas where the iPads are still very expensive and a luxury, this is their "Smart Car" (http://www.smartaustralia.com.au/) a cute but expensive and useless thing.

      It is absolutely clear that rather than dump their remaining A5 chips, they can put them in the iPods, iPad Minis and sell them off as many as they can. at premium prices.

      I must admit that I was expecting the iPad minis to be sub $200 in terms of pricing.

    Translation: we were very, very tempted to copy Nexus etc. form-factor, but all our 3rd-party devs are hooked on 1024x768. So this is our compromise  so, um ... WE WILL NEVER GIVE IN!!

    What a pointless article, the writer is just bitching about more intelligent people.

    From reading it a few times, with that 67% thing I think it's taking a stab at the aspect ratio, saying a bigger fraction of the screen is useful. Also note it's 67% vs. the 50% of competitors, making it only a 34% *increase*. An increase in *what* however is unclear... still no idea how they metricate 'usable screen area' or what exactly it is.

    Using the 7.9" 4:3 screen instead of a 7" 16:9 screen is a big deal, especially using the included Internet browser of each device, and even more so in landscape orientation.

    No argument about it, ipad mini screen is both larger, and more useful for Internet browsing then the nexus7. This is where these percentage comparisons are coming from.

    Tim Cook must have had a play with the Samsung 7.7 tab and decided that it was a better size than the Nexus 7. That's what companies do when developing new products. Is that copying ?

    The iPad mini might be 7.9 inches but what size is it when you play a wide screen movie complete with black bars top and bottom?

    Those 7'' tablets are not ''smaller'' tablets, they ''even more concentrated'' than iPad Mini ;-D

    I have a seven inch tab and also the GT 7.7 (amazing device - sadly discontinued because of the cost of making such a large amoled screen), and the difference in both apparent and practical screen area between the two is quite amazing.
    When people in the market for a smaller tab see the even greater contrast between the Mini and the Nexus (at retailers that sell both), they are - overwhelmingly - going to walk out the door with the iPad. Bet your bottom dollar. Google know this and the rumoured and imminent price slash of the Nexus will just be an acknowledgement of that. It will the only thing that retains some respectable sales numbers - assuming it does.

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