ThrowMeApp For Android: Yes, Toss Your Phone For Aerial Pics

Camera tosses are a well-loved tradition with photographers. You don't need professional gear to stage spontaneous pics of your own -- you just need ThrowMeApp, an Android phone and a little bit of hand-eye coordination.

What does it do?

Takes pictures when you throw your phone in the air. It activates the camera's shutter when your device is at the peak of its climb and the lens is facing downward.

Why do we like it?

The app uses the phone's accelerometer to sense how fast it's falling and calculate an average fall speed based on your earlier tosses. You don't have to do any decision making when it comes to the actual shutter snapping, either. Just tap the screen, chuck your phone, and hope for the best. This is not an app to be used by klutzes. [PetaPixel]


Download this app for: Android (free) The best part: calculates fall velocity The worst part: seems to be crashy



    I thought Nikon has the patent for this.

    This app was secretly designed by Apple

    'Con: Seems to be crashy'


    Why can't the iPhone do this?

    Interesting as it is, I wouldn't do it unless I'm on grass, and the phone is wrapped up nicely in a good cover. Or maybe not.

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