This Soviet Bunker Looks Like A Buried Alien Spaceship With A Strip Club

Back in 1951, the Soviet Union started the construction of the Tangansky Protected Command Point, a secret 7000sqm military complex located 65m under Moscow's streets, near the Taganskaya train station. The Soviets built this gigantic compound at the beginning of the Cold War, once it was clear that the possibility of a nuclear conflict with the United States was as real as the World War that just ended just a few years later.

The post became the Alternate Command Center of Long-Range Aviation, in case the original one got nuked.

Decades later, after the Perestroika, the decaying bunker was declassified. In 2006 a private company bought it to turn it into a Cold War museum. Their plan was to also build a restaurant, a spa and, apparently, some kind of strip club or gaudy bar, whatever the hell that thing in the photos is. Now, their project is almost finished, as you can see in these images. [Moscow Walks via English Russia]

The old-school, non-descriptive entrance on the surface.

Fortunately, some of it is still intact, like these cool tunnels. Look at this crazy corner.

The underground entrance hall seems OK and futuristic-ish.

But then you get to the restaurant...

...and the karaoke/club/strip club?

This looks like the interior of an spaceship or space station.

A model of the complex.

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