This Is The iPad Mini You Should Get

This Is The iPad Mini You Should Get

The iPad Mini is just a shrunken down iPad 2 in a lot of ways, but it is a different device with uses that will be somewhat different. So what do you need in an iPad mini? We think we have it figured out.

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For Almost Everybody

It’s the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Mini in black.

  • Why 16GB? The iPad mini is primarily for reading and browsing the web. Those activities don’t take up much space on an iPad. It’s perfect for storing books and magazines, a handful of favourite games, some essential apps and a fair amount of music. Any gamer who is buying an iPad to play a resource-gobbler like Infinity Blade II probably doesn’t want to drop money on a device whose guts are two years old. Anyone who really likes watching locally stored video probably wants a bigger display.
  • Why Wi-Fi? How often do you really see yourself somewhere for an extended period of time without a Wi-Fi connection? What connected activity would you need to do on an miniature iPad that you couldn’t do on a smartphone in a pinch? Why not just tether your iPad to your phone?
  • And why black? For the same reason as the iPhone 5. That murdered out, black on black — or slate, to be exact — colour scheme is too damn sleek to refuse.

The Exceptions

Some of you won’t blend into the homogenous horde. So there might be a few good reasons why you’d want a different iPad Mini.

  • Why a 32GB/64GB iPad Mini? You have a long commute on public transportation and you can watch entire movies or episodes during that time. You have no internet connection. Alternatively, you have kids, and want to toss them a device chock full o’ entertainment they can actually hold while they’re in the backseat.
  • Why a 4G iPad Mini? You travel a lot and find yourself needing to do internet-dependent things where stable Wi-Fi connections don’t exist. You have a 3G phone which isn’t optimal for heavy use. And you need more screen real estate than your connected smartphone can offer but don’t want the bulk of a full-sized tablet next to your laptop. Chances are, the company you work for is probably willing to foot all (or part) of that data bill as well.
  • Why a white iPad Mini? Because it looks pretty damn nice too. And like a black bezel lends itself to a more immersive video experience, a white bezel could do the same when you’re reading a book.

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