This Is The iPad Mini You Should Get

The iPad Mini is just a shrunken down iPad 2 in a lot of ways, but it is a different device with uses that will be somewhat different. So what do you need in an iPad mini? We think we have it figured out.

iPad Mini: Everything You Need To Know And Australian Pricing

For Almost Everybody

It's the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Mini in black.

  • Why 16GB? The iPad mini is primarily for reading and browsing the web. Those activities don't take up much space on an iPad. It's perfect for storing books and magazines, a handful of favourite games, some essential apps and a fair amount of music. Any gamer who is buying an iPad to play a resource-gobbler like Infinity Blade II probably doesn't want to drop money on a device whose guts are two years old. Anyone who really likes watching locally stored video probably wants a bigger display.
  • Why Wi-Fi? How often do you really see yourself somewhere for an extended period of time without a Wi-Fi connection? What connected activity would you need to do on an miniature iPad that you couldn't do on a smartphone in a pinch? Why not just tether your iPad to your phone?
  • And why black? For the same reason as the iPhone 5. That murdered out, black on black -- or slate, to be exact -- colour scheme is too damn sleek to refuse.

The Exceptions

Some of you won't blend into the homogenous horde. So there might be a few good reasons why you'd want a different iPad Mini.

  • Why a 32GB/64GB iPad Mini? You have a long commute on public transportation and you can watch entire movies or episodes during that time. You have no internet connection. Alternatively, you have kids, and want to toss them a device chock full o' entertainment they can actually hold while they're in the backseat.
  • Why a 4G iPad Mini? You travel a lot and find yourself needing to do internet-dependent things where stable Wi-Fi connections don't exist. You have a 3G phone which isn't optimal for heavy use. And you need more screen real estate than your connected smartphone can offer but don't want the bulk of a full-sized tablet next to your laptop. Chances are, the company you work for is probably willing to foot all (or part) of that data bill as well.
  • Why a white iPad Mini? Because it looks pretty damn nice too. And like a black bezel lends itself to a more immersive video experience, a white bezel could do the same when you're reading a book.

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    All good points and that's exactly what I thought about the Mini.. it's essentially a direct competitor for the Kindle Fire. It's also the reason I was expecting them to place it in the iPod Touch range rather than the iPad line-up.

    It's also why I opted for an iPad with the bigger screen.. why compromise on that if you're wanting the full experience.

      To be fair. The reduction in size does open up some avenues or ways of using a device. The note for instance became a writing-tablet - which is not possible at the 3'8 or 4' form factor. Reducing the size does change things up a bit and it clicked on me when i saw my friend use his ainol tablet.

      For some people its not a compromise - for you and me at least - it is.

    I think you logic is flawed. The only reson to buy an underpowered, overpriced, lower resolution ipad is because you really need it to be more portable. That means unless you're going to be frequently using the 3/4G capability, you don't need the iPad mini. If you can even be said to need such a thing at all.

      I honestly don't see the point of the iPad mini at all except to part more fools from their money. As a 7 inch tablet you can do better for cheaper. As an iPad you might as well spend a little extra money on a much, much better full size iPad 3.


      The portability is exactly why I want an underpowered mini over the larger iPad retina. For use out and about 3G/4G is essential. Tethering is battery draining, unreliable and no where near as convienent.

        I think you also cant use the more accurate cell-tower based GPS locationing as well. Which is kind of a big deal for some people.

    "The iPad mini is primarily for reading and browsing the web"

    If this was the reason, then a $200 Kindle Fire or Google Nexus would suffice. The reason that Apple is building a ~$350+ tablet is to allow not just reading and browsing, but gaming etc., that we've all come to expect and iPad to be able to do. It's an iPad for those with smaller hands (but not limited to).

    When little Timmy asks Mum & Dad for an iPad for Christmas, if he's lucky, he'll be getting an iPad Mini, not just because it's cheaper, but because it can play all of the games that Dad bought on his iPad and fit comfortably in his hands.

      You're seriously suggesting that the Nexus 7 can't game?

        You're seriously suggesting that someone with a life would care?

        You're seriously suggesting Timmy can use a Nexus 7?

          I think what dlb_84 meant was why buy another game that dad already bought in the normal iPad

          If you are invested in the app store, then it'l logical to get iPad Mini for your kids to play games

        Seems to me he means the Nexus 7 can't play the iPad games his dad has purchased with his iTunes account -- fair call.

        But what is also a fair call, is that a lot of the games that are on the iPad are also on Android. If not, there's usually a really good clone out (Tiny Wings vs. Dragon, Fly! for example)

          not to mention how many android games are free

        In all honesty, I wouldn't know [If the N7 or KF could play games]. Maybe it was a bad example. When I take a quick look at a specs comparison, I see no reason why. It looks like I incorrectly assumed they we vastly inferior specification wise, thinking they were just glorified e-readers. My mistake.

        Last edited 26/10/12 9:06 am

    I honestly dont mean this as a troll but I think Apple are sucking a bit lately....

      If you don't want to sound like a troll, give some reason as to why.

        Lets see: Crowded computer options, went from 3 laptops to 5, very confusing for the target audience. iPhone 5 is against steve j's thumb reach, black bars on apps are terrible, taking google maps away was worse. iPad mini is not mini, its just SLIGHTLY smaller, infact it was said that it's better than a nexus 7 as it's bigger lol. I miss the days of Stevie boy. I like apple btw, but not liking the way they are headed.

    I think there are some business applications where the Mini is going to be more popular. There is a lower cost of entry and it's more portable. If I was in a warehouse doing inventory I'd rather have a mini.

    If you think about it the iPad 3 had a A5X where the X was used specifically for driving the retinal display. So the iPad mini with an A5 could theoretically be as fast as the iPad 3 because it is the 1000MHz A5 that is in the iPad 2 but driving a smaller display and not the 800MHz A5 in the new iPod Touch. So the experience (including gaming) should be the same as on the mini as on the iPad 3 apart from retina quality graphics. Also wonder why the iPod Touch has smaller benchmark then the 4S as isn't the new iPod Touch using more efficient screen technology?

      The mini has the same 1024x768 resolution as the iPad 2, and exactly the same A5 SoC inside. Performance should be 100%, completely and totally the same as the 2.

        Yes but the iPad 3 A5X had the same computational performance as the A5. The difference was adding 2 extra graphics cores to power the retina display. So for general use the iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPad 3 should all be very similar if not the same. The new iPad with the A6X will be significantly faster than all of those though...

    Still I think apple could have used the A6 for the iPad 2 and mini just to double the processing power, but they might have a lot of A5's and iPad 2's in inventory. If it was retina at $329 they would have had a hit as it would justify the price against competitors. Saying that I will be buying two for the kids simply just because of the lighter, smaller form factor (kids and wife hate the experience on my Nexus 7 and would kill me if I got them that instead).

    It's be great for books.

    And iBooks based magazines.

    But I have enough trouble with the online climbing magazine I read in PDF firm on my regular iPad. Wouldn't want to try it on the mini.

      Just wondering what is the problem with the PDF's. Used iPad 2 and 3 as my daily drivers for marking up and readying PDF at work with no trouble at all. If you are ready PDF's online then it is due to your internet connection speed to download the PDF not the device rendering of PDF's. On the same note I have a retina macbook and some site's PDF don't render properly, are slow and jerky even after downloading.

        Whats the problem with a kindle fire? Way better for your eyes.

    Yeah, alright, but why get an iPad Mini in the first place?

    The stand out aspect of the Ipad mini is how thin and light it is, remarkably so, however none of the other features are either commendable or best in class with the exception of the rear camera. Even if the mini came equipped with the so called Retina display, one is faced with the question, do I need this versus want this.

    I think the title should be:

    "The iPad Mini you should get if you have researched and found the iPad Mini to be the device you want"

    Tomorrow morning, I will be pre-ordering!!!

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