This Antique Japanese Ladle Could Shoot You In The Face

Normally, if you're thinking about what kind of weapons you can find in the kitchen, you immediately think of the knives. It turns out ladles can be formidable too. At least, they can be when they're also guns.

The single shot kitchen impliment here dates back to around the 1850s. In addition to serving as an ordinary ladle, it's also got a .36 calibre, 25-centimetre bronze barrel the runs down the handle, for any kitchen crises that may arise. It also has a cleaning rod and a threaded barrel plug included, which work as part of the disguise when you don't have it loaded, which would probably be "most of the time."

Unfortunately you can't get this clever little gun, as it sold in an auction a while back. It also went for about $US4,000, so you probably couldn't have afforded it anyways. Cool as it is, don't take this as clearance to try and weaponize your own serving impliments. No one really needs a plastic serving spoon machete. [CollectorEbooks via Neatorama]

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